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  1. Does this mean I have to blow the dust off Abai and actually get yer you know..doing things agian?!
  2. Probably be a little later than anticipated!!! 730ish is new stream time!!
  3. Olo~ you don't need to wear pants if you don't want to...secrets I usually stream sitting on my bed or sofa in my favorite warn out tee and a mountain blankets in my underwear. So it can be a no pants party...or a pajama party! \o/....not that any of you would really see though Lol!
  4. http://www.livestream.com/technopoptart Oh!! And for newbies to the stream! RULES: 1. Be kind no direct attacks! (This includes artist and each other though never has happened) 2. Silly convoy in the chat box is highly welcomed some of the best giggles came from suggestions made in the chat. So please do converse!!(also great way to meet new people) 3. Though contest to popular belief I am not a robot! I do draw quick but remember these are either silly doodles or personal projects for funzies. 4 . want to be drawn(maybe not the very night of the stream. It eventually) please have references handy!! 5. Bring Yer fun pants!! Again I like it when you all are interactive!!
  5. Streaming and other arty shenanigans tonight while server is down!! Probably start at 7est!!
  6. AYSUN HELPS!!! RICO! The best thing about doodling on live stream is teh funny things we say and tease about in teh chat. This was just too adorable!!! So here we have tiny little Aysun putting an Eye Patch on Rico...who...Actually is blind in the opposing eye! DEAR SE can we get right eye patches?!
  7. WOO~! Server downtime doodles!!! Uzhan and Jhuiz
  8. YES PLEASE.. I mean.. of course... suree. sure... *wipes way drool~*
  9. Rakka'li Because I love your drunkness!! And becuase you are silly XOXO♥
  10. I //can/// cook...but I also know several different varieties of poisons... I do cook but i am better at baking...and i love using liquor when i do so... Rolanberry Rum (Strawberry Daiquiri) Cupcakes anyone?
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