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  1. Hello! I am on the hunt for an FC (even an LS) that has a dark theme to it. Mob, black market, underworld? Even if it were a trading company who wants to hire someone to do all their dirty work. Nearly anything non Good! I know I have heard people talk about pirate FCs but either I log in and the wrong time or I just haven't seen them. Help!
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    Hello Hello!

    Thank you!
  3. thecoda

    Hello Hello!

    Thanks for the warm welcomes! We are still digging around both in game and on the website. I do have a few questions. What is a linkshell? Is there a chat channel for finding Free Companies?
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    Hello Hello!

    My wife and I recently started playing this game and color us impressed. She knows and has played FF for years and is in love with this game. I know nothing about it and I am hooked. We are both avid RPers and look forward to RPing in this community.