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  1. Wayward Strand is the legitimate cover for a not so legal organization working in the underbelly of Ul'dah. Lead by a cunning, if enigmatic, gentleman by the name of L'olh, this organization serves to achieve its own goals. At times, these goals coincide with the actions of the grand companies and at others they favor the syndicate. In all cases, discretion is key. If you're looking for a smaller, close knit group to RP, level and raid with (or just to hang out and chat on teamspeak), Wayward Strand might just be for you. The Free Company focuses mostly on establishing deep running roots in the city of Ul'dah, but in the future, we hope to begin cross-FC storylines, establish a set of core raiders (this isn't a must, just an option for those that are into that kind of thing) and to create a family of close friends to hang out and RP with. Expect a darker, grittier theme to RP, but never forget that we're all here to have fun! If this interests you, feel free to contact L'olh Nunh in game or send me a message here on Hydaelyn Roleplayers. So we can see if you're a good fit for this crew.
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