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    Hello everyone I'm Nidrog and well I finaly took the plunge and used cash to get past the great wall of Balmung. Anyways onwards to the template becouse I like it! --MMORPG background Well I've tried quite a few but the ones I've played the most in terms of hours has to be World of Warcraft (Played on EU Sporeggar back in TBC for those wondering) and lately Tera though I've started to dislike the gameplay becouse in my brain I was thinking "Oh hey Monsterhunter gameplay!" Yeah no its not like monster hunter. At all. --RP experience Alright so... Forum rps, IM rps, RPing in WoW and Tera along with some Tabletop rpgs including DnD 4e, Mutant and Masterminds and Maid the rpg (Yeah the last one is pretty fun with the right group.) All in all I've been rping in several ways for abit over a decade now and I'm loving it. --Character ideas/info Given how when I start out I tend to make stuff up as I go with my characters (Yes I'm just abit of a altoholic. No I dont have a problem! Ehm...) At the moment I do have some ideas but yeah I'm looking more into lore before I make something complete for my Au Ra thats on Balmung atm. (Her name is Seralin Yuzuka for those wondering.) --How did you learn about the coalition? Googleing FF 14 RP. Yeah maybe not the most intresting way to findout about this place. --What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy? I picture myself as somewhere between medium and heavy. --Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc) Right might aswell start with what makes me well me. I have Dyslexia, ADD, and Aspergers. I also have some problems with my motor skills aswell. Now for the other things. I have two rpg groups I'm part off. And I think thats it. But yeah so far from what I've seen about Balmung I like it! And I cant wait to get some RP done. I just need to get some actual good working ideas first <.<;