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  1. Oh tell me about it lol! On top of FC and LS chats, I don't know how anyone keeps up! I guess making one of the chat logs with only say as chat would help that.. but I'll remember that, thank you
  2. This is all great advice, thanks guys! It's daunting b/c I'm so bad at cold starts...I never know what to say lol. Probably a universal thing... I'm too used to discussing a setup beforehand, knowing what to go off of. Improv isn't my strongest suite...but I will give it a shot! I saw there's a forum for events so that's def something I'll try to take advantage of, seems like a good way to dip a toe in.
  3. SO I have a query for the FFXIV roleplayers: I'd like to join the ranks of the RPers, I have a chara on Balmung (and many on another server that doesn't have as active a community unfortunately but there's SOME Rping there...) but I have yet to do anything with them RP wise b/c I am a longtime forum RPer and am finding the transition to real-time chat-based RP very...difficult. It's definitely not intuitive haha. So my question is, how did people that were perhaps more like me, used to long form paragraph RP in a static setting like a forum or email, start the kind of RPing that's common in the game? And what kind of RP IS common? I see many conversations walking around, is it just dialogue? Use emotes for action? Write action? I'm so eager to give it a shot but I'm stymied on how to start exactly... Although it doesn't help my female roe has a male Hyur type of name since I fantasia'd her but don't have the money to change her name lol. That might put people off... EDIT: How rude, I should also say hi, haha, this is the welcome forum. Hey! Hope to make some nice connections here
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