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  1. I will totally do that ^^ thanks much ! There's no doubt I'm buying this...just figured hey! Free 14 days! Love love love it so far. When I stop running around staring at all the shiny stuff I'll track those people down ^__^
  2. Hiya ^^ I just arrived on the Gilgamesh server because I think Balmung will never open when I'm awake >.> I'm a loooong long time roleplayer and have been on well...everything but this one! Kinda....lost a little, new terms and all but I would love to find some RP groups out there who would take in a wittle healer who's finding her way I use the same name in game and I just started today...doing the trial right now and then buying after. Super nice change from ToR....anyway hi to everyone! And if anyone wants to tell an aspiring white Mage what she should be doing please do
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