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  1. Gerik, you're not even referring to the same sentence I am, so how about trying to stay on topic at least, eh? Thanks! Back on topic though, I vote for Behemoth as a non-legacy unofficial RP server.
  2. @Gerik: Actually, no because Allgivenover was making a general assumption that most newbies do not want an alternative RP server. "universal desire among us newbies" is a general assumption based on unfounded evidence. Since I myself am new to FFXIV, and based on the rules of the English language, Allgivenover cannot use the term "us" since I do not agree with him. I am hoping this site is not biased towards non-legacy players. If it is, then I guess this whole thread is moot if the OP's honest approach is going to be continuously trolled.
  3. Some new players want an alternative RP server. It's not even a universal desire among us newbies. I don't see how you're qualified to make that assumption really. I am not a legacy status player and I have zero interest in joining a legacy server. Especially after having gone through the past several months of being in a guild I thought I would be starting ARR with, only to find out today that I was expected to join their legacy server at launch with no questions asked. So I left the guild. I have never seen an overtly-friendly MMO community where the vets outnumber
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