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    "Aye, the Ambershell? it's a group ye go to if needin information. You got something that needs done? Aye, it'll be done...for a price. Aye.. that's the Ambershell" - Deku Fluffytail The Ambershell is a secret society Free company based on the Limsan Markets. The company puts up a face of being simple merchants and crafters, but behind the scenes we are an information broker / assassin group. OOC Information: I, Briah Xiglina am the founder of the free company. The idea for the free company came from the desire to create our own little community of friends as well as explore a new RP idea! Our job is to retain and provide information, product, and swift services for a price. Deku Fluffytail is currently in charge of recruitment and handling IC operations. Also, friendly note, the Free company is NOT evil. It has good intentions, and good undertones. We are building up our ranks and adding more and more Free company perks as time moves on! If you wish to apply, please Contact Deku Fluffytail or Briah Xiglina on Balmung! You are also free to stop into our company Discord and ask questions! https://discord.gg/0iDukIAKI9a3Z9Z6