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    Lack of core game chat features.

    I know this isnt a free preview, I tested SWTOR and Tera from day 1. Only reason I made this post was because of the fact a mod replied stating that it is "impossible" when games that had no where near the tech they have now decades ago managed it. And I am.. with the amount of negativity coming from the forums on the aspect, I imagine they will implement it in some way or something to quell a lot of post.
  2. Anyone else severely dissapointed at this? You can't whisper your friends etc basically just because you're doing content. XI did this fine I'm pretty sure and hell WoW and EQ I think do it fine along with every current multiplayer game.. Yet they claim its impossible when it clearly isnt! :frustrated: How does this make this game even worth a sub, when it limits to you can only talk to non party/nonguild members when you ARENT in an instance? It doesnt make sense! This was enough to make me cancel my CE preorder since its basically butchering the multiplayer aspect of this game. I know I'm raging a tad here, but honestly Square? You want to redeem yourselves for the failed launch yet you're leaving out core MMO functions to socialize? Reviews will eat you alive for this, you'll be known and the "MMO without core social functions", and if I read that headline and saw I cant do what every other game allows.. I wouldnt touch it, no matter how good everything else is. My friends included feel the same. Just wondering you guy's thoughts.
  3. Yeah, I always have bad luck but every MMO I've tried has had the same HORRIBLE community. Well, I should say after WoW, though WoWs community has derailed a pretty good amount. SWTOR was good, couldn't find RP'ers, but I was with it when it launched and beta and they had so many servers there were literally at most 400~ on my server at a time, but I managed to find a good guild.. Its just sad the games raids have breaking bugs that are STILL there from release and now its just a hunking pile of poo thats F2P with cash shop elements being spammed in your face because of the money hungry EA owning it. D: bughtgrdyihsg. *cough* And.. most MMOs I've played other then that have been F2P which, I'm sure we all know the communitys those can bring in. Although its nice to know so far no negative comments have been made, so use to that from XIV's board of.. I dunno what to call it now. Glad theres no sign so far of just pure RP guilds, was disheartening finding RP guilds that only RP'd and nothing else unless to get costumes. So I guess I'll go to Bal on launch and see how it is and look for a likeminded guild if I dont find one just on this that'll take me in. If theres any leaders/officers of any bigger ones on (bigger I mean just have actual active players) I would appreciate PMN'ing me or something of the like so I could chat with you about recruitment! Also, thanks all for the welcome
  4. First off sorry if this post doesn't belong here, but its a mix of RP and basic gameplay so figured whatever, I'll plop it here since it revolves around RP. I'm a former WoW vet (quit soon after Cata if it matters) and I use to RP a lot on there back in BC on Emerald Dream back when the RP was heavy then. (Nowadays its dead, and ridiculed upon by a lot of that RP/PvP servers community which is sad) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt it added more depth and gave the game more of a 'single player RPG' experience.. I mean that in a single player RPG, you have your focus on story and the characters stories interlinking and learning their past and mysteries.. Whereas in a lot of MMOs its just "LOL U SUK FGT L2P N GET GEARSS" or at least thats the damn vibe I've been getting from being with Tera at the start and leaving after F2P ruined it and the already wounded community in it.. Alas I'll get to my point., I'm an avid PvPer, (I know this game isnt too hardcore in that aspect but I love all the FF's too much to pass up on the stories/raids) and like to participate in raids etc.. Are the Rp'ers that do exist on this actually experience the game and endgame content? Or do they revolve mainly on the RP aspect of forming their own characters, or do they also progress normally and form it off of those experiences? I ask since I would love to find a semi heavy RP guild that would welcome a long time MMO'er, that also does the endgame content and actually groups up for stuff etc... I knew some of the remaining RP guilds in WoW were strictly just RP, and hardly did any actual game content like raids etc. Soo, in short, what server would be best for that? I'm thinking Balmung (?) since that seems the unoffical RP choice.. But... is the community full of elitiest pricks that are going to shun away lowbis and the type of people who would farm the starting zones if PvP was allowed in open world? I got stuck in a server like that on Tera, while that game is horrid in my taste, that just made the experience that much worse, and I'm trying to avoid that crash in this game for obvious reasons.