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  1. Sounds good! I should be on tonight around that time. I may have been afk when you searched for me last night.
  2. By all means, please message me. We definitely need more people. I am on most nights from 8-10 or 11pm CST, with the exception of Friday. Friday is spotty for me ((because that's D&D night, haha)), so if you're on at that time, send me a tell or a PM or something. What is your character's name? I'll search you. As a side note, I think the search function only works if you're online when the search is done, so everyone joining should try to make an effort to be online during the 8-11 CST period once so I can invite you. After that it doesn't matter. Unless someone knows of a better way to do this in which case PLEASE tell me. Also, feel free to add a page to the wiki if you want. We'd love to hear more about your character. See you soon! My character's name is Caelynn Miraudont, and I sure will! I just need a good community to run with. My TRPG nights are Monday and Thursday. I'll add my character's stuff once I get a handle of how I want her to feel, lol. I made her this morning and I've been going back and forth between this and Xenoblade Chronicles X today.
  3. I'm very much interested in joining your linkshell. I just recently started wanting to playing FF14 again, and I wanted to avoid all the drama that is associated with my previous server. I joined Bryn because I saw that community is good, and it doesn't take sheer chance to get on. I'll also message you in game if you're on.
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