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  1. That'll probably be because they aren't online. You can only add people if they're online. A bit annoying. If you're on now, I'll add you in a mo. Ah, well, that is definitely the issue then! I'm online now.
  2. For some reason, when I try adding any of you in-game, it says that it can't locate your characters EDIT: Please add me if it will allow you to! C'vah Nunh DOUBLE EDIT: If it doesn't let you add me for whatever reason, please mail me in-game or PM me here!
  3. UPDATE: Still looking for some steady RP partners
  4. Just wanted to add in there, I'm willing to roll another character.
  5. Hey, so as the topic says, I'm looking for steady RP partners. I'm loving the game so far but my experience with RP in FFXIV seems to be lacking which is a tad upsetting. The only character I have is C'vah Nunh, a Miqo'te Seeker. Feel free to add me in-game or message/reply here and we can arrange something!
  6. Once you're on Balmung, add me! I'd love to RP and level together! C'vah Nunh
  7. Well shit.....This whole time I thought PUG/LNC made a Dragoon.......There goes my character design >.>
  8. I feel like they should at-least stop the game time from running down; yes I mean the free 30 days. I haven't been able to get on in TWO days and who knows for how much longer?
  10. Forgot to mention this a day or two ago, finally got mine to redeem and got everything squared away. It just took me getting the Error 3 about five times in a row before it took the code and spit back out my 20 digit one to apply.
  11. Ah alright, thanks for the heads up man!
  12. I really hope they fix this issue soon...I want to be on, on the 24th!
  13. So, I've done what the post said on the front page and I keep trying to redeem the code but I've tried well over twenty times with no luck. Does anyone know a workaround?
  14. Here's C'vah Nunh. A friend took the screenshot while we were RPing, I didn't know until I got the file over Skype haha. EDIT: Added another shot.
  15. I'm in the Coeurl tribe, feel free toa dd me in-game, C'vah Nunh.
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