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  1. I'll definitely keep an eye out for yo character when my character is out and about in the world. Maybe she will talkity talk yo char's ear off! Thank you for the tip! I'll definitely check it out!
  2. Hey guys! I'm Shann and I just recently started playing FF14! I got the game and some sub time as a gift for the holidays and thought that I might as well start playing it. However, I'm not new to playing MMOs or RPing. I used to regularly play WoW (on WRA) and ESO. I think I have been RPing/writing for about 12 years, but I take a lot of breaks in between so I don't really think I'm all that great. ^^; I still am trying to flesh out my character for now. Her name is Emma and I think the general archetype I want to play her as is an adventurer who just really likes learning new stuff. I'm open to advice! I hecka have no idea how most of the wiki is constructed, but I'm looking up ways to create a page. It looks really cool! And I still need to look into the lore some more. But for now, at the beginning at least, I plan on just being a Light/Medium Rper. I'll probably play when I'm free, if RL permits it. I go to school full time and work on my free days. I look forward to meeting new people, though!
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