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  1. The event is now live! you have until the 22nd Feb to win, Good luck!
  2. [align=center] The Journey The Rumour The Charm The List The Peddler [/align]
  3. [align=center] Original Post This event has ended Greetings adventurers of Eorzea! I am back once again with a challenge for those who seek fortune and knowledge. Many residents of Zodiark solved my puzzles and earned their prizes. Now I put it to all of you, to solve my conundrum and win a prize. Who can play? Anyone! It doesn't matter what server you are on, since the prize will be gift coded to you. How do I play? I seek 5 items that you can find throughout the world of Eorzea, I will give you clues to each item, you must discover what these 5 items are and submit your answer via my email Removed OR Since this forum has a pm system I will allow submissions via PM. When is it? The event has started! How long do I have? You have until Monday the 22nd Feb to submit your answer. What is the prize? The prize is your choice! You may select one item from the Mog Station. However! some items are excluded as prizes. How many prizes are there? 5 Winners will be drawn at random, each receiving a Gift Code for the item of their choice. What’s the catch? Catch? there isn't one. Everyone is free to enter and join in or play along just for fun if you want. Some of the possible prize choices (But not limited to! Take a look on the Mog Station for them all!) Additional Info Don't ask me for clues, you wont get any. Posting the correct items here will not make you the winner and I wont reveal the answer until the event has ended. Discuss here if you wish however be wary as someone might take your answers and beat you to it![/align] [align=center]This event is not RP based however you will be able to RP it if you like since it is focused around lore.[/align] The Rules (Please Read!) Prizes Legal Stuff for mods
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