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  1. Thank you I'll see if I can't get bac into the world
  2. I've looked do you by any chance know what that number is?
  3. I'll give that a shot thank you but I'm not sure what the security question was and I think that was my problem so I might make a knew acount some how either way I want to get back into it it's one if not the best mmo I've played.
  4. has any one ever forgot there user name or password to ffXIV. And if so do you know if you can make a knew acount or if there's a way to contact square Einx fore help?
  5. --MMORPG background:ff 11 and 14 (though I can't get into my acount now:( order of chos a few off of aria games will list if I can remember. --RP experience:over 15 years of post by post rp text base form rp 20 years of table top. --Character ideas/info --How did you learn about the coalition?:I learned about this site by looking up top final fantasy sites after the final fantasy started to go down hill. --What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy? I would say I want to learn to be every type of role player and that I'm mid way to medium and Hevey. --Anything from your real life: I'm and anime freak love mech and super power magic use animes,I'm and exstreemly Hevey gamer fore my age I colect rare and exzotic wepons dragon statues figures wizards and oddly fedoras I'm 29 going to school online through the art institute online of Pittsburg my English isn't perfect and tend to wright in run on sentiences do to always retracting my self things I should know do to epilepsy. Well that about covers me I hope people come by to say hello:chocobo:.
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