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  1. Trandromeda

    Drakeheart (OOC LS for Heavy RPers)

    I would love to be invited to this as well. I haven't delved into RPing in FFXIV yet, but it's definitely not new territory to me. My name is Baeyarma Kah'Saki in Balmung.
  2. Trandromeda

    I'm finally here! Hey everyone

    I only realized now the usernames are different colours... and my curiosity is piqued
  3. Trandromeda

    I'm finally here! Hey everyone

    I've been in FFXVI for about a month now, and it's the second MMO I've played (after GW2). But RP'ing isn't new to me - I used to be pretty big into MUDs, if any of you know what that is haha. Last night my friend and I transferred over to Balmung from Gilgamesh, which is something I've wanted to do ever since I learned about Balmung's community. I also freshly hit level 50, so the amount of stuff to do right now is overwhelming. I would like to be part of an FC again - are roleplay FCs a thing, or are those only for linkshells? I'm not looking for a heavily active RP guild, but one where people stay in character would be cool. Other than that, you may find me going between Ul'Dah, Limsa and the Gold Saucer when I'm not out there saving the world. Name's Baeyarma Kah'Saki, and I hope to meet many of you soon PS Baeyarma may look loud and colourful but he's really friendly if you approach him. He just thinks there could be more colour injected into an otherwise colour-lacking world!