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  1. People! I'll keep an eye out for you guys! I actually did see that post the day that I threw this one up, and replied on the account of an alt character so hopefully that helps your FC mate in finding RP. ^^
  2. THE IC At a glance, the young Dragoon doesn't seem like much. Tall for a Hyur, though his pointed ears give away his half-breed parentage, his fellow Dragoons find him antisocial and often moody, though none can doubt his reliable skill and loyalty to the order. It's not hard to guess his history. Eren of House Sauveterre's early childhood was spent in the Brume, where thievery and scavenging were the first resort of the low-born Ishgardians. His familiarity with the downtrodden parts of the city give away his past, though Eren rarely, if ever, mentions it. More often than not, when asked of his background, he'll admit to being a son of the Sauveterre House, a small House rising in reputation for putting out skilled and reliable Dragoons. Lurking beneath a stoic exterior is an eagerness to prove his worth to the order which is a second family to the half-breed, and Eren is quick to volunteer for dangerous expeditions into Dravanian territory. He has few real friends, but even if he'd never state it aloud, Eren would gladly give his life for any Dragoon he serves with. THE OOC Hey guys! Eren is a recent character, and I'm excited to RP him with the wider RP community, especially with other Dragoons and Ishgardians. Unfortunately, finding RP is a rare luxury for me. Living in Australia, Ishgard is often devoid of open and random RP during my online times, made even more difficult by my work schedule and the recent DST change. So I'm throwing myself at the RPC in the hopes that people with similar Ishgardian RP interests will contact me, or point me in their direction so I can get in touch with them. My online times are approximately 3am EST onwards on weekdays, and late evening till late morning on weekends (EST again to make it easier on everyone). If there's anyone out there who's interested in making a new RP contact, flick me a message on here, or whisper me in game. ^^
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