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  1. Welcome! If you should find yourself in need of anything, please feel free to holler...in game or on here. Once more, welcome!
  2. We're always interested in meeting new folks, and skilled armsmen always come in handy!
  3. Recently moved the Company to Balmung. If this looks like something you'd be interested in, feel free to toss a /tell to one of our officers.
  4. With the fronts and all, it almost has a Dungeon World feel. I like it.
  5. I love it! Kind of a gypsy-esque tarot reading using a different medium. If the show is good while my fortune is being read, I'd play along.
  6. What a wonderful thing to find out! I've loved FATE since it spawned from Fudge! If there's room left in the LS, I'd love a spot.
  7. I. Basic Info Characters: Haharomu Qiqiromu Primary character: Haharomu (Romu) Linkshells: None as of yet, but looking Primary RP linkshell: See above answer II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I tend to be IC most of the time I'm on, so please, assume that Romu (or Haha as the tall-folk call him (with far too much enjoyment)) is IC whenever you see him. Views on RP combat and injuries: I think this is a much deeper question than it appears at first blush. There are a number of types of RP combat to choose from, and each one brings different
  8. Now on Balmung! There are two means of spreading light into the world: To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. What is the Candlekeep Trading Company? The Candlekeep Trading Company exists in duality. There are twin branches of service in the Company,the Daggers and the Scales. The Scales,our bread and butter, are the craftsmen, merchants and gatherers of the Company. It is they who keep our books in the black. Not to be eclipsed, however, are the Daggers. These are the men and women who have taken it upon themselves to protect our goods, our endeav
  9. The CandleKeep Trading Company is a new casual RP FC on the Coeurl server. We have a dual-sided FC that has "Scales" and "Daggers". The CandleKeep Scales are the members that tend toward the crafting and mercantile professions. The Daggers, however, gravitate toward militia and guard. We at CandleKeep are a casual RP guild that aims at producing quality arcs that will encompass individuals, groups, branches, and the Trading Company as a whole. We have places for everyone to join...we will even gladly take in folks that don't RP...providing you are laid-back and sociable. We
  10. Sometimes reinstalling will not get rid of a corrupted patch file. He might need to uninstall the game and then make sure that the file that was downloading for the patch is also deleted and try to reinstall again. As a side note...his drive isn't full is it?
  11. Welcome! I'm a fairly new transfer as well and I'm finding the community here on Balmung to be pretty awesome. Feel free to holler at Eroll if you see him in game, I can always use more friends.
  12. To use WoW as an example, something like this was done on Moonguard with great success! It started out as a small guild event and built to events that encompassed several guilds that would take strategic areas and hold them. The combat was mostly RP, although a separate grouping would allow duels to further the story as well. The awesome thing about these events was that they created RP arcs that went far outside the event. We would have arcs to find herbs for medicines needed because the louts from one guild brought in poisons...we would find that one of our leaders was kidnapped in t
  13. I'm relatively new to the game and this server. Eroll is still evolving his personality and trying to find his place...and would love to have more RP friends, so give me a holler if you happen to see me in game! Welcome!
  14. Well, I can't answer most of your questions, simply because I'm new here and still learning those things myself. One thing I can tell you is that I've gotten a handful of walk-up RP because I walk. There's something about walking that hangs a sign on you that says "Hey, I RP!"...and I tend to get a little walk-up RP pretty regularly. I tend to even get emoted greetings from folks that don't RP...not sure on that one, but it's still cool. As far as RP goes, if you see Eroll on, feel free to holler, I can always use more RP friends!
  15. I spent many months RP'ing in the Mary-Sue lands of Moonguard...So far, the Rp I've watched here is a little different, but it seems different in a good way...I'm looking forward to getting involved more. Nice to meet you, feel free to holler. We Moon-guardians have to stick together!
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