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  1. Hello! I actively roleplayed on WoW 5 years ago, and have roleplayed on Furcadia for the past 10 years. I also roleplay in a local D&D group. I am looking for any roleplay on FFXIV, but I really don't want to join Balmung or Gilgamesh because the overpopulation would be a little overwhelming for me. I am currently on Cactuar, but will be fine to make a new toon on any other server that is not overpopulated if it means a decent roleplay community. I love playing Lalafell, and I was wondering how strict roleplayers tend to be on naming conventions? I want my surname to be Duds, but I'm having trouble thinking of a last name that goes with it that also fits the Lalafell plainsfolk naming convention. Is there any known personally traits or culture among the Lalafell plainsfolk that would be recommended to stick to? Thank you!
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