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  1. Thank you for the reply, hun! An ex-paladin, huh? That's fantastic! If you don't mind, I'd love to discuss on skype. At least given I won't be on XIV until later. I'll send you my Skype in a PM asap.
  2. On Balmung server. Character is Elsette Druifant. Looking to start a short, sweet romantic story between my character and another. It will likely not last long, but I want it to be a short romance to encourage building a connection that affects my character. I am looking for a romantic connection who greatly makes my character respect battle, and somehow influences her to learn a disciple of war class - gladiator in this case. Bonus points if you're a gladiator/paladin. We can decide on specifics in conversation. My character is an Ul'dahian masseuse who also has a sparking interest in management. She is renown for massages around Ul'dah. She runs her business now with two employees. No preference on gender of the roleplayer, but please realise that a romance doesn't have to be mature. These two characters will part on amicable terms unless we decide otherwise. Thanks! :love:
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