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  1. Unfortunately the Vault has now closed down and is no longer recruiting, thank you.
  2. [align=center]http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g355/nickgillett1/vaultlogoandbanner_zpscqfdnq8r.png[/img][/align] [align=center]...Gather round dear fellows, please gather round!! I am to tell a tale, a tale of which I'm quite proud. That of the Vault and its people, adventurers they are, slew a dragon and its friends. their greatest achievement thus far! They tracked it to its lair... they steeled their lives. they marched to the innards... where the dragons met their demise The adventurers few took on the beasts, it would be a shame not to tell, the names of the brave mighty few, who sent the dragons back to hell. Khaidai the Hunter, a proud and quiet being, wielding a sword as big as he was, many monsters he has seen. Many slashes he threw, kept the dragons attention. helped the group with dark powers, but ensured their protection. Gaelah the leader, a lady so proud. with a giant spear named Toothpick, keeps order around. A dragonslayer dreamer, her wish shared by the group. With the jumps and leaps she took, she rallied the Troops. Y'lasara the brave her sword Fishslicer too. swipes and slashes at the creatures legs. her aim always true. the joy and heart of the group, a damn fine fencer too. she danced as she swung, almost as if she learned how to dupe. O'ai the mage, a Firey fury feline fireballs worthy of dragons, making the enemies Whine. Powerfull magics, Lightning storms!, she put down the hurt, damage in swarms. Garryth the scholar, a man of respect. knowledge his weapon, and tactics perfect. with spirits and the arcane, he weaved the arts, they sting and scratch with determination from his heart. Bushido the beserker, Brutal but Fair, His two handed axe. any monsters dispair. he cleaves and he hops, dice and chops, slicing and stinging, and down the dragons dropped Now you ask... how do i know this tale? it could be just poppycock or monster entrails. But i was there too... though i do not regret it. i shared in this moment... I would not forget it. ~Xinoh'li [/align] [align=center]Are you a dreamer? Does dreams of fairytales and adventures fill your mind and heart? Or do you dream of being the first person to step on new land?... explore forgotten wonders?... unearth mighty treassures?... or bring down the dangerous monsters who would threathen the innocent and weak?... Have you ever dreamt of being the hero of your own legend?, to be featured in songs and tales... If you can answer yes to any of the above listed questions... Then The Keepers of the Vault may be just what you are looking for! The Vault is a small dedicated Adventuring Company buildt up by a group of young adventurers of all races, origins and paths of life. We are as different as the day and night, but united in our desire to explore and see the world in all its glory, while trying to make our mark on it and form the Legends of Tomorrow! Come Join us as we write History! Even if its just our own. Gaelah Noykin, Paragon and Keeper of the Vault. [/align]
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    The Vault is no longer recruiting.
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