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  1. Thanks guys! ^^ So glad you like it. Have a small sketch from whenIwasreallysupposedtodootherthings. My Miqo'te Keeper Roja Neeri being up to no good! (NSFW)
  2. Thanks Aya! Fixed now ...also there's a typo in the text. *facepalm* Sorry guys.
  3. Hey everyone! Just practicing with photoshop, and inspired by the wonderful FFXIV atm. So I figured I'd drop some stuff here ^^ Rin&Zuki's first encounter (RP characters, mine and a friends)
  4. Hi there, This is literally my first post in this forum. But I'd just like to say: Rock on. My own little self is working in performing arts and it can be a very cruel metier, just like traditional and digital art I bet. The only thing I can advise is; ignore the trolls. Mentally ban/block the hell out of anyone who sounds hateful to you, but listen for hours to the positive, encouraging ones. You don't have to take abuse simply because somebody paid you. You get paid to be an artist not to be a punching bag. Period. And as for (resulting or triggered) mental health proble
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