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  1. Thought I'd drop in to mention our FC, Celestine! You can find more info about us in my signature or visit our website here! But we host a weekly tavern every Friday that's open to the public, and if you're looking for even just a house to set up shop then I'm sure we could work something out! But If not, I hope you're able to find what you're looking for!
  2. Thought I'd poke in and suggest my FC as well that you can also check out in my signature! We really do just about everything when it comes to plots/missions IC! And you can check out our website here if you'd like! But either way, hope you find the best fit for you!
  3. Our tavern has recently started implementing theme nights! As well as fun food and drink specials! We're hoping to continue adding to this in order to help keep a fun environment for all! To keep better up to date, feel free to follow our Tumblr at Celestine-Cece.tumblr! Thank you to everyone who has supported us, and we hope to see you again soon!
  4. Updated a few things on our profile and added some nice pictures of our FC house/tavern! We currently have two active RP plots going on as well as weekly PvE content and RP events!
  5. Update~ Our FC still has a few more spots open for recruitment for anyone interested! Our Friday tavern has still been going strong (Celestine Tavern on the calendar), so thank you to everyone who has shown us support! :love:
  6. Much needed update: Our FC has grown quite a lot within the past few months. We only have a few more spots open for recruitment for any interested! We're finally getting back into RP after Balmung's slight server issues. So be sure to stop by our tavern every Friday if you'd like to meet us!
  7. Hi there! Welcome to the site! :love: If you manage to find your way to Balmung feel free to shoot me a message! I'd be more than happy to RP with you! My character is Sileas Bishop, and I'm always looking for more friends for her! Either way, I wish you luck and hope you're able to find some good RP! :moogle:
  8. [align=center]Escort to Vesper Bay[/align] The company was tasked with escorting a small cart of materials from Scorpion Crossing to Vesper Bay, despite the task seeming easy enough it was far from. Having many obstacles in their way, such as having the bridge out, guiding the cart down multiple ramps to Nophica's wells, and walking away from nearly fatal wounds. They were still able to complete the task despite the group having to split evenly in half to move the wounded back to the safety of the company house. This event was tons of fun, despite nearly everyone being wiped o
  9. Hey there! Welcome back! :love: Once you feel like you're ready to get into RP, feel free to hit me up! I'm always looking for new friends for Sileas!
  10. Hi there! Figure I would plug our FC here in case it interested you! I run Celestine, ! We're a small business that mostly focuses on a variety of missions/tasks! I would say our FC is more on the good-aligned side but we do have a few shady characters + plots around. Feel free to visit our HRP page (through my signature) if you'd like! But either way, I hope you're able to find a good home that suits you both!
  11. [align=center]Into Tam-Tara[/align] After receiving news that a researcher of Gelmorra went missing in Tam-Tara, a small group was sent into the dungeon in order to rescue her. Despite the eerie atmosphere, fights with voidsent, and the group suffering a bit of injury, they were able to reach the end and rescue the researcher who had been passed out from fright. They brought her back to the company house, and were able to nurse her back to health. This was our first IC dungeon run and it was a lot of fun! (Despite running out the evil timer) We hope to do plenty more of these in the
  12. Hi and welcome to the site! Feel free to get in touch with me in-game (Sileas Bishop) when you transfer to Balmung if you'd like! I'd be more than happy to RP with you sometime!
  13. Hi! Welcome to the site! I'm always up to making new friends so feel free to send me a message or find me in game (Sileas Bishop). I know the feeling of having multiple characters since I have 7 and all with story haha. I wish you luck! :moogle:
  14. Hi! Welcome to the site! :love: It's definitely a lot to learn but if you ever need any help in game or want to RP I'd be more than happy to! I'm Sileas Bishop in game! Also you should check out the RP Calendar, here! You can go to them just to check out people RPing if you don't feel comfortable RPing yourself. But I wish you luck figuring things out, and there's always people around to help if you need it!:moogle:
  15. Our HRP page has once again been updated and fixed a little. We are also still actively recruiting for our little family. If you'd like to be apart of it then be sure to check out how to apply!
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