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    Kindred Spirits «KS-RP»

    Kindred Spirits is a congregation of adventurers, gatherers, and crafters. Those who have found their way together after the Calamity nearly destroying everything we have ever known. Kindred Spirits welcomes all races, classes, and creeds so long as they adhere to rules and have like-minded goals. We are a family, we gather in the Hall for stories and camaraderie, hunt and mingle with our allied Companies. We are not mercenaries as a whole, but at times some members may join up with a band to help aid another Company or group of people in need. We are a "family" and connect with other Companies as an alliance, helping each other through our special talents and crafts. Everyone is welcome to visit and adventure with us, and with information exchanges or random stories to be told by those attending gatherings, we hope to bring more into our fold or at least ally with us. We are all here to play and have a great time. So pull up a chair, let the stress of your day melt away, and let's tackle what awaits for us in the great land of Eorzea! We are still a newer Company as we were mostly a group of friends who shared the same wants and goals. We have decided to break free of our small circle to add those who are willing to be one of us.... Maybe make this post prettier later [align=center]Structure: [/align] [align=center]Light to Medium RP / Social[/align] [align=center]Timezone: [/align] [align=center]Any (Most are -5 GMT)[/align] [align=center]Races: [/align] [align=center]All[/align] [align=center]Alignment: [/align] [align=center]Good or Neutral [/align] [align=center]Recruitment Status: [/align] [align=center]Active[/align] [align=center]Officer Team: [/align] [align=center]Kroo'a Norrathe , Sabre Aerrant (Main Contacts)[/align] [align=center] Sippi Lerflin , Kanaashii Aerrant (For Questions)[/align]