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  1. Hello! I'm rather new to roleplaying in an MMO format - I'm more used to roleplaying via email or on a D&D table. But life is all about new experiences, right? So I figured there was no harm at all at asking around about the roleplaying scene in FFXIV, and I was pointed towards this site to hopefully get started in one way or another! Admitted, my knowledge of the game's lore is rather lacking. I started this game initially to just play it was a normal game without digging too much into the lore, and because of long periods of being away I've forgotten pretty much all of the story that occurred, not to mention all the side-information. But, I'm doing my best to take in as much as I can, and I'm hoping to get enough of an idea of the world to make a decent character. So far I only have a base idea of a dept-collector from Ul'dah/Limsa Lominsa that has no real moral conflict about what she does. Of course, I'll need to read more about organized crime in the world of FFXIV, this is just a very basic idea that I am very willing to change up once I actually start reading about the rules and methods of the world. I consider myself a light roleplayer - My goal is to hopefully balance raiding and general progression while roleplaying on my free time. I would not call myself a hardcore player at all, in fact I've yet to touch a single Alex Savage raid. I just like making a lot of friends and playing along with them, and I hope to make even more friends to write interesting, fun stories with now that I'm taking a jump into this community! If it also helps people get a general idea of my writing style, I have two pieces that I can share. This one is more a little horror short that I wrote, while this piece is one I wrote when I was going through some heavy writer's block. The later is a more personal, introspective piece that I wrote, and I hope if anyone reads those entries, that you like them and/or can give me some feedback on ways to improve my writing. I love to write on my free time, and am always looking to improve in some way or another. Sorry for the long introduction, but I hope that I made a decent first impression on anyone that reads this. Here's hoping I meet some of you guys in-game and we can come up with some fun, interesting stories together!
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