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  1. Greetings and salutations! I have a question about the various schools of magic on Hydaelyn and how people approach their limitations and peculiarities. For ease I want to focus on the three base schools of ARR - Thaumaturgy, Conjury and Arcanism. I would characterize Thaumaturgy and Conjury as being (at least in gameplay terms) two sides of an element-based magic, with different methods of access and a focus on destruction and healing respectively. On the face of it Arcanism seems to be concerned with entropy, both the propogation and reversal of it, and the strategic application of a carbuncle companion. If these characterizations are even remotely accurate, how much can they be said to dictate what a student of any one school can or cannot do within the scope of their studies? I think I'm right in saying that in 1.0 Conjury encompassed the entire elemental wheel, but now they are limited to Earth, Wind and Water. Do these kinds of distinctions inform what your character can do, or are they largely gameplay concessions? Could, for example, an Arcanist learn a spell to conjure a fireball using the Aetherial Geometries, or are they limited to the kind of entropic viruses and unaspected blasts we see in their ability tree? Could a Conjurer cast a spell to put somebody to sleep? Could a Thaumaturge erect a protective shield? To what extent do people allow for the schools of magic to cross-over or use different methods to achieve the same result?
  2. This is fantastic and really helps put into context the train of thought that I was on. That the notion of a developing civilisation is what the Elementals are really nervous about. The Encyclopaedia Eorzea says that the Miqo'te think of themselves as part of the natural world itself, and gives their perspective on the city-states: "To the free-willed Miqo'te, other races' way of life - their wont to flock together with their own kind, to overrun nature to build cities, to seek safety and stability in laws and alliances - must seem quite curious indeed." This coupled with the important role that hunting clearly plays in their culture leads me to believe that they might have a kind of intuitive understanding of the Twelveswood and the Elementals, but not in the same way that Hearers do, perhaps in being highly attuned to the behaviour of their prey and relying on cues in their environment to let them know what they should hunt and when.
  3. Hello! I'm new to Balmung and trying to iron out the details of a character concept. I have a question and after some searching I don't think I have seen it answered anywhere, so apologies in advance if this is a retread of a common theme. The question I have is about Keepers of the Moon living according to their own hunting traditions in the Twelveswood. The Encyclopaedia Eorzea states that Keepers of the Moon reside mainly in the Shroud, and that they live and hunt freely there and have done so for "many years" in conflict with Gridanian law. My question is... how? If Gridania is able to communicate directly with the Elementals via the Padjal and their laws represent the Elementals' will, then how have the Keepers of the Moon been able to break those laws and live freely in the Shroud without accruing Woodsin? In 1.0 even the Padjal had to, it seems, work pretty hard to keep the Elementals on-board and to keep the Greenwrath from claiming their citizens. I know that the Elementals' will isn't being demonstrated as firmly now following the damage inflicted by the Calamity, but what about before then? Surely the Keepers of the Moon have been living in the Shroud for longer than the past five-or-so years. Is there any suggestion in the lore that the Keepers have been historically able to keep from ticking off the Elementals? Do they have their own methods of purging Woodsin? Do the Elementals just embrace them as a part of the forest itself? Have I missed an important detail? What even is up, y'all?
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