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    [align=center]"For the wanderer that needs a place to kick off their boots. For the adventurer who needs friendly company and a respite from their craft. For the impoverished who needs a meal and a warm bed. For anyone who needs help and has nowhere else to turn. On these tenets, Chant was founded."[/align] [align=center] - Cheyne Marinterre[/align] Chant is a casual RP guild which hosts small gatherings/events. We're a friendly group of people who enjoy random RP and will help with character level progression and story development. The FC itself does not have a major story arc and has no intention of developing one. Think of this Company as a book of stories and your individual story adds to the overall book. We're not looking to swell our ranks and would casually scrutinize applicants. There's a month probationary period at which either party can dissolve the relationship if it's not a good fit. [align=center]FC House Mist, Ward 4, plot 23[/align] [align=center]Overnight stays possible. Most travelers welcome, provided they keep any skirmishes outside.[/align] [align=center]Contact Cheyne Marinterre or Dumont Valerux on Balmung for more information.[/align]