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  1. Thank you for all the great responses! To start, and maybe an oversight on my part, fetishization of this never quite occurred to me. What interested me more was the exploration of "love" -- how, in its broadness, it's both easy and common for people to say things like, "you love who you love" and freely extend it beyond vague borders; how, when dealt with in specifics, it becomes a much more nuanced idea with sudden situational "can" and "can't"s; and, of course, how lessons learnt from emotion affects one's logic. Of course, just as most people don't go up to strangers and start talking
  2. tl;dr: how does the community (or even just you as individuals) feel about the inclusion of traits/characteristics/etc. that may be morally wrong and even triggering for some people? The long version, with warnings for incest if that really squicks anyone: Hello! While I'm very much new to FF XIV, I've been roleplaying for several years now through forums, messengers, and Tumblr. The idea of carrying over that hobby into video games is admittedly a little daunting, and I'm still a little bit confused on the details of how it's carried out, but I'm very excited to give this a shot, espec
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