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  1. The bloody baroness of fashion and fancy desires new thrills and chills. Bored with her day-to-day doldrums of lace and satin, the stylish socialite seeks adventurers to share their story and nobles to intrigue. Like spider to the fly, Jolene beckons all to entangle themselves in her web. New Hooks can be found on her caard! I'm seeking long-term rp connections, friendly and antagonistic to join in on crafting an overarching story that promotes character growth and exploration! I prefer interacting with fellow para-rpers who enjoy heavily detailed prose and story driven i
  2. Seeking a villain who critiques your fashion choices? Perhaps a friendly artist whose just a *touch* too sweet and kind? If so, Jolene, my Dr Jekyll. / Mr. Hyde fashion designer is open for new contacts, plot driven rp, long and short term story arcs and new friendships. Morally gray/dark rp particularly encouraged! Hooks are located in her carrd: ketenwyb.carrd.co Any hook is up for grabs and can be modified to suit, as well as hooks that are not on her carrd. I'm currently interested in starting a hook that requires a Doctor or Alchemist with less than stellar
  3. Carrd: ketenwyb.carrd.co Character Name: Jolene Ketenwyb Player timezone: EST Server: Balmung (Cross World Open) Preferred Contact: In-game or Discord: Inisian#1696 RP perferred: Long-term, short-term, Dark rp, Morally gray, criminal connection. ((This doesn't mean it's the only type of rp I'm looking for!)) Jolene is once more on the prowl for new contacts, muses, people of poor morals and those willing to 'bend' the law for a heavy sack of gil! A small celebrity by her own opinion, Jolene is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goals;
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