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  1. RECRUITMENT: OPEN FOR TAVERN STAFF! The Dragon's Crown is looking for roleplayers dedicated to enriching the tavern scene with their characters. A business is made successful by the ethics of its employees, and the Crown hires only the exceptional. If you have the charisma for bar-tending, the charm for waiting on patrons, or even the footwork to grace our stage, reach out to us and make a name for yourself! WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR Competent roleplayers. We define "competent" as being able to abide by the line distinguishing IC from OOC, writing with the best gra
  2. [align=center] [align=left] [align=center]The Dragon's Crown, a prominent tavern in the Black Shroud, is known to adventurers and mercenaries alike. When the charming staff or enrapturing dancers fail to bring patrons back, the Crown's famous Honeyed Fire whiskey and a hot meal does just the trick. Not only a tavern, the Dragon’s Crown is also home to the Black Crown mercenaries, whose heroic deeds have earned the recognition of the Eorzean Alliance. The establishment operates under Aelorelle Vallancourt who allows the Black Crown mercenaries to use the Dragon’s Crown as their b
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