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  1. I attempted to attend the Brisktone Creamery event on Balmung but found that the location was locked and there was no one on at the time to speak to about it.
  2. Fortunately for myself I have all the alts I had planned for the immediate future but I very much hope this isn't a permanent change. I understand their desire to advocate for spreading out to another server due to latency and other issues but.. darn.
  3. Hello! Getting started now that I have a new main. This Tumblr has existed for a short time and has already seen some content. If you're interested in images, stories, and general character asks/replies for the Xaela Qurcaqi Uragshi (Previously Himaa) then by all means follow! https://qurcaqi.tumblr.com/ Thank you! :love:
  4. No need to apologize at all! This information is greatly welcome, thank you!
  5. Hurrah! I have successfully arrived upon Balmung. I hope to see you all soon, expect a profile as soon as I am able! (Apologies for the back to back posting)
  6. Thank you! I'll certainly have to keep that in mind though I'm unsure of what might bring Sal to the forested city. At least from the outset. I admit you aren't the first to think of that greeting, though it's certainly one I enjoy none the less. It's a pleasure to meet you as well, thank you for the greeting! Thank you! I'm glad to know it doesn't come off as lore violating from the get-go. I'm by no means fully versed in the universe or the expectations that come with being from certain areas. As for her more down-to-earth past I'm always sweet on the idea of h
  7. Thank you very much for the welcomes, it's very appreciated!
  8. Hello anyone who has wandered into the thread, I'm Yai. I've just freshly found myself really getting interested in the game, and very much the idea of roleplaying. As of now I'm still quite fresh faced to both the game mechanics and the lore, but I've tried to read up on proper naming for my Roegadyn Seawolf lass. In terms of character she's far more experienced with life amongst her people's home isles (if that isn't lore breaking, mind you), spending time trawling the shoreline pulling in nets or dealing with minor creature incursions than anything else. Why is she suddenly s
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