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  1. AHH!! thank you so much! I just needed to know it was possible so I can finish writing down my ideas but I wouldn't say no to more information! regardless i appreciate the help ^3^
  2. I recently got onto Balmung so of course I'd love to rp my alt but I have a few questions... I'm still in the process of developing him but the foundations of his character is that he was a Ishgardian noble (perhaps of a house? or just a regular noble) who's parents enforced a scholarly life style for him (maybe he went to Sharlayan to study? I'm not sure if this is a possible thing, if they accepted outsiders at all) but grew bored of the strict and formal lifestyle and ran away to ul'dah to live out his lavish fantasies, ect. But the main question I have was it possible for people
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