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  1. Can criminal organization/syndicate survive in this new expansion. ARR and Heavensward provided a great environment for that type of RP. How does the new expansion measure up? I would think with the backstory of the new land it would be ripe for mafia type RP. What are your thoughts?
  2. Sena.. Stop using logic!! I have seen guilds that just invite those interested, no interview nothing, that work out great and really benefit from having non-like-minded people around. I have seen guilds that act like a special snowflake high school clique implode over drama. Its bound to happen with or without a long drawn out vetting process.
  3. Im not sure if I should be proud of the thread I started or not. I started this as a way to poke fun at the process, whether it's good or bad. Regardless of how it is taken I do find it humorous to see people's responses. I had one person message me with a bold statement, " You complain about applications thats probably why you will never be in a respectable FC, I know I wouldn't let you in mine." I thought about it for some time and I have to agree with him. I may never get into his idea of respectable nor will I ever apply for his FC. I guess I will just have to stay with the group Im with now, enjoying their company and having fun.. Bummer......
  4. So I thought I would post a mid week report. I decided to apply for some FCs and had acouple OOC interviews with some interesting people. One that clings to my mind had some interesting questions. "If trapped inside of a soul stone what body part would you eat first?" I mean how do you answer that? It was a really fun interview, I didn't get accepted but still fun non the less.
  5. I know this is about WoW but its still funny!
  6. Sounds about right. I especially look for some focus on the FC culture and especially on RP from a FC application process. The process should bring in people you want, and not be focused on excluding those you don't. The recruitment process is a good indication of the FC and any process that is over 60% about what not to do is a sign that this is an oppressive FC in my experience. So buyer (applicant) beware. I got five rules. Rules one and three are the same. Rule five is a joke. So I got three rules, really. There's a common misconception that since we all play the same game/same hobby (RP) that we're all able to play nice with a different group. That's a lazy and idealist point of view. Have your group and nourish your group. It's like any real life group of friends. There is indeed individual FC culture. Through my many travels both in the real world and in digital, I can get a good feel for someone based on their application.... such as their ability to form coherent sentences, an actual interest in the group rather than "I'm bored and need constant stimulation me me me me!" and other indicators. Couple that with a chat and blamo. It's much easier to personalize an OOC interview than to have a large application. Also, I hate long apps since I'd have to read all that shit and would have no one to blame but myself. I am all about GM's running the FC their way. But I have to agree that sometimes it goes overboard and does become a little oppressive. I think what makes a great FC great is the ability to allow people to be who they want to be. It is really the differences that make it interesting. But who am I to say anything, the last 3 FC I applied for I go to NOOOOO, your "that" guy from the forums. HAHAHA
  7. NOOOOOO, I based my whole life on getting into your FC.. I left my wife and quit my job just to complete your application. I guess I will just turn my brain off and go play WoW. :cactuar:
  8. This is to poke fun at the process man, not validate or invalidate it. I have filled out plenty of applications and agree with the Mojo! Nothing worse than being around people that drive you nuts or dont fit the mold you created!
  9. All great points and I agree with you nor do I believe that its all guilds or even a majority of them that require such things are self-involved monkeys that need a pat on the back. Again typed with a smile on my face much like Sena posted in her reply!
  10. Now for my real reply. I understand what you are saying and can understand why people feel its their "job" to do such things, more power to them. Never fired up, not over a video game. Read it with a smile on your face as I did while posting it!! Now as for the application used to as you put , " to understand just how much goes into creating, maintaining, administrating and growing a guild." It may be just me (and the ok!) but if someone wants to understand all that maybe they should go run a guild. I dont care what it takes to maintain, admin and the such, I care about having fun. I want to have fun thats why one should join, right? I think its great that people step up and help. Officers and GMs put in time and I appreciate them. I do agree that FC's should take who they want and as such can have any application/secret society processes they want!
  11. Do you put Guild Master for 15 years on a job application or was just to impress me? Yeah I know just troll'n this one. Sorry couldn't help myself.
  12. Lets face it, most people want to be a part of something. Most want to have a place they call home. Membership within a FC can and should be rewarding for all people involved. A social place to hang out, people to run content with or whatever. Then we have the APPLICATION process. There is nothing wrong with being selective. Why do things have to be so difficult, have to have a 4 page application that must be signed and duplicated no less that 3 times, authorized by the only 2 people never around, put to a vote, then after 5 interviews, a panel discussion and a 30 day waiting period, or application will be considered. In the Marine Corps we had a saying, " Keep it simple stupid." I can think of no better place that motto should apply than joining a FC. ** I edited this post because instead of just being Satire as intended I have received messages and posts from people thinking I'm bashing, pissed off, mad, upset, grumpy, irritated, mean, ect. I received an interesting message in game from what who I'm guessing is the self appointed special snowflake of FC application processes. After 5 minutes of me telling him random quotes from Journey songs he buggered off. Peoples. This is not intended to be serious... If you read anything I post IM NOT A SERIOUS PERSON! Sena posted the best reply, using this post as intended to poke fun at the process not validate or invalidate it. Calm down and smile more, just brush your teeth first!
  13. Hi! Hyur for FC I am Wymar Blacke! I enjoy long walk in the desert, waving my stick in a healing manner, and long dungeons by candle light! I would describe myself as a romantic. I mean whats more romantic than an effective heals at just the right moment.... Family is important to me so I make sure that when slaying monsters and other creatures I get rid of them all so no one is left lonely and abandoned. Im tall, dark and yeah ladies I'm handsome! If your interested in the awesomness that is Wymar Blacke please send a message, some mail or even a Chocobo attached to a rocket my way! I look forward to meeting EVERYONE!
  14. I too have enjoyed my time thus far! I always like to meet interesting people and lets face it. The weird stuff we encounter just adds that much more to the encounter!
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