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  1. AH! Thank you all for the feedback it is much appreciated! Everyone seems supportive so I'm going to do my best! :moogle:
  2. Hello~ So I am having a bit of a problem with a character I am hoping to design. I wanted to do some research on Thavnair and create a merchant character from the area to play around with. I know there's not much lore on Thavnair and Thavnarian culture but I was heavily interested. A friend of mine, however, says that Thavnarian roleplayers have a stigma around them? They claimed they played one previously and got a lot of hate for it? Is this common? :?
  3. Hello everyone, I've been scrounging the lore forums and things for some time now. I'm fairly new to the game and trying to create my first character I have a particular idea I want to run with but I'm unsure of how to do it plausibly in the FFXIV universe as well as how I can implement it or if the plot device really isn't worth my time. So my situation here is I'm wanting to play a knight from the Dragonsong war, laid off dragoon situation all that good noise. I want her to have sustained an injury along the later half of the war and been on the mend for the remainder of it. I was hoping I could plausibly give her an injury in an arm or a leg that at times causes her pain or even gives her a slight limp. She's stubborn and still fights because it's what she knows she is skilled at and the like but I want this to actually be an injury that has the capability of hindering her but still allowing her to do things? Perhaps it could be a constant pain of sorts that she requires frequent healing for or certain conditions that will allow the pain to subside for a time being but still hinders her combat skill (aka; limited jumping, sprinting). I know aether/magic healing takes time no matter what, but essentially what are some things I can do to make it permanent/at least a hindrance for a while? I guess my overall question is: Is this plausible, playable as a device to eventually give her an ultimatum down the line? Is there anything I can do to explain it better (nerve damage? Aether damage?) whatever that I can give to healers for a better idea of what they're dealing with. I appreciate any and all feedback, thank you : D
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