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AETHER Student Program Interest Meeting


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The following flyer can be assumed to be seen posted about in public locales, not just those frequented by adventurers.


In order to gauge community interest as well as seek feedback, the Academy of Exceptionally Trained Hydaelyn Explorers and Researchers will be holding an interest meeting regarding their upcoming student program. This meeting is open to the public and all interested in education, training, and research are encouraged to attend. Furthermore, the academy is seeking individuals of expertise to serve as associate instructors so as to offer as wide a variety of course material as possible.


All interested may contact Chancellor Meillune via post, or simply attend the meeting to be held on the 30th sun of the 6th astral moon in Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre, Gridania at the 8th evening bell. We sincerely hope to see you there!


Friday December 30th, 8pm EST. Timing isn't perfect, so if you are interested and can't make it, feel free to PM me or drop by AETHER'S forum!

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The AETHER student interest meeting has been postponed until Friday January 6th, 8pm EST so as not to conflict with Unity Vigil. Due to my schedule in the coming year, this prevents me from having quite as much time as I'd hoped to help get things rolling before I get busy... But it did give me an idea.


This community is anything if not independent. It has demonstrated many times in the past (sometimes with me among the vanguard) that it resents any sort of control or dictation. I've spent this time thinking "What is it AETHER can do for the community" but perhaps a better question is, "How can AETHER provide a framework for the community to do things for itself?" But, AETHER is a small shell. It doesn't have the dedicated manpower to insure this program, if it becomes popular, will prosper.


So, how will it? If those interested in seeing it succeed help us realize that vision. I don't know how much oversight and coordination is going to be required because that depends 100% on how many people get involved, but it's going to need at least some. I'd encourage anyone interested in helping this program grow to contact me via PM or tells. The student initiative may have been started by AETHER, but it's not for our sake. It's for the sake of encouraging interaction and roleplay among everyone in the larger community.

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This program is probably going on indefinite hold. I'm so busy I don't always have the time to even sleep properly and will remain so for the next four months at least, possibly even seven. I unfortunately don't have any consistent amount of time to sink into this, and in what sparse free moments I have, I would sort of prefer not to add bureaucracy to my schedule... :geek:

Sorry, it looks like we've simply run out of time on this one for now.

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