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Knights of The Red Rose (Inactive)


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Knights of The Red Rose


Welcome to the Knights of The Red Rose, as our name appeals we're a order of knights formed to protect to rare flowers. Flower however can be a word for something else than just "flower", it is what our hearts desires.

Our order is also open to take on jobs by anyone who wants our services, of course for a small fee.


Our order is composed of the following:


White Knights of the Silver Shield - The Head Branch of knights who protects the leaders and important people.


Red Knights of The Burning Embers - Cunning Warriors who can mostly be seen on the front lines of the order.


Blue Knights of the Azure Wand - Knights who have mastered magic in order to help the order further.


Current Ranks:


Head of Knights - Master Mithra Neko

Head of Red Knights - Master Kinara Shouma

White Knight - Alithra Marni


If you wish to join us, contact Master Mithra Neko and she will evaluate your abilities to see if you're worthy to join our noble cause.


Website: Knights of The Red Rose

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