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The Many Faces of Ventus Zeruel [In other rp]

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I figured i'd show a little of my role-play prowess before I joined you all in final fantasy 14


In the very beginning (about 6 years ago) I joined a social site named BEBO.

The website was generally used like a facebook, and myspace competitor...but lots of rpers were strangely attracted to the customization of the profiles, and decided to start posting characters on them.




So a few friends and myself decided to do the same, my very first character [Original] was known as Vendastelca No Zeruel, A demon-hybrid child...born human, with a soul of a demon planted within him. I rped a few anime characters before him and decided, it's time I make my own.

After a few years I was capable of drawing him myself, and here's what I produced.


He changed very frequently as well, so here is the MANY faces of Ven...this one in particular is my favorite...



Vendastelca was then born on bebo...

He was the leader of an organization known as T.R.G or also nicknamed Cerberus. The guardian of the gates of hell. The group T.R.G was known for assisting many other major groups as sort of mercenaries or guardians.



(The face of Ven during his last demon-saga on bebo)


After a big collapse of one major enemy group called, Snake Chamber (by the hands of T.R.G)

...the group soon after disbanded and split up on their journeys completely solo.


Ven then decided to travel to other universes, as different characters.

Finding Gaia online, he eventually changed his style yet again...


The other face, Ven on Gaia Online.

Ven before joining shortened his named to Ventus Zeruel.





I'm sure you've heard of that site...rather large role-play community there!

I even had a few commissions done of Ven as well...this one, done by my good friend Silverfire




After that rather quick saga of Ven's, he was then COMPLETELY revised, when he found the world of Mabinogi. A very fun Korean rpg mmo. Inspired by the art of the game, I then made my own revision in his looks anime wise.

Here are a few more pictures...





It was on mabinogi that Ventus found his first romance.

She played a character named Rai, ironically...and not the same Rai you all know on final fantasy 14 now.

(Completely different person playing the new Rai entirely.)


Here are a few videos...dedicating to the characters there.

and yes, I made these, as well as drew all the pictures you have seen.


[bBvideo 425,350]


[bBvideo 425,350]



After a year or so on mabinogi, the game began to suck horribly, and the roleplay community there began to perish as well. So I eventually found Final Fantasy, which I heard made a huge turn around in Updates, and decided to give it a try.


Completely revising him (yet again) and making a new story...


The Ven you know was born...


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Oh! no no no, none of the sort.

It';s just a timeline of what I've been doing up until ff14 with that name and character, by traveling from universes i mean just changing him to fit the other lore. But it would be nice to see it that way, like traveling to a different world in kingdom hearts and suddenly changing to the attributes of the world. lol but that isn't the case.


Edit: But yes to put it simply, he is based on all the old versions. A character that has depth and grows through experience is what gives the character it's personality after all.

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