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Warm Suns Picnic


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(A flier scattered about the cities, mainly in Limsa Lominsa.)


Come Everyone! Adventurer, artists! Weavers and warriors! Carpenters and children with toy-swords! Aleport is combing its beaches, cleaning it's taverns and hiring new wenches to serve you on it's first annual 'Warm Suns Picnic'!


It's a new cycle and the suns are just beginning to warm, so toss aside those yule clothes, pull on a swimsuit and pack a towel for some fun!


Hosted by Aleports staff, food and refreshments will be provided free-of-charge, and there will be an open bar with all your imported favourites! Stop by on the 12th sun of this moon after the 10th bell for some relaxing entertainment.

Toss away that armour, relax in the sand!

Back away from that workbench, have a drink!


Come, we'll have some fun!

(OOC information: Sorry this event is sudden just wanted everyone to have some RP chance with each-other tonight! It is hosted tonight at Aleport @ 10PM EST and will go on in to the night if we have enough people. Please note, when you arrive there will be tents, blankets, ect set up as well as scantly clad women serving food and drinks. The water would be warm enough to swim, assuming of course that today is one of the really warm days La Noscea has seen in the last while.

Also, bring fireworks and enjoy!)


(EDIT: Let me know if the time needs changing by posting here!)

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The tree bent in the wind of a stormy night as a woman hurried home! On her way back, she came across an injured Dodo. And curiously, the wounded dodo had a pack strapped to its back. Inside the pack was something strangely soft. It was a big pile of feathers that exploded out of the pack and rained down from the sky! They were special feathers that shimmered in the sunlight. Gathering the feathers the woman realized they possessed some magical power. She continued to remove the feathers from her hair and from inside her mouth. Having nearly ingested the feathers caused the magic to pass on to her very being - a power she was unfit to wield. Within moments her skin turned dark and red veins glew from her flesh; her hair also began to glow a dark red. Suddenly her body exploded in a flash of light that, upon fading revealed the body of...another dodo. And so, the dodo started to move its head in rhythm, side to side as it walked down a dusty trail in search of iron acorns.Upon its search of acorns it stumbled upon a bag which it found quite suiting and stylish to wear, feathers tucked inside.

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