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TIE BREAKER - Mr. Eorzea Pageant - Day Poll

Which day would you like the event to take place?  

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  1. 1. Which day would you like the event to take place?

    • Sunday, March 10th
    • Friday, March 16th

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Same as before everyone! We have a tie in the days and we need YOU to decide! Select which option you would prefer between the two so we can organize everything based on best availability! Even if you don't care which day between the two it is on, please cast a vote for one of them!

You have two days to decide before we close voting and post the details, so vote now!!!


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Hey RP Community!


If anyone was on the OOC shell tonight they know that Alothia Starkwood, Kassandra Dawn, Xenedra Ambreaus and myself will be hosting a 'Mr. Eorzea Pageant'! In order to increase participation, we will first put up a poll for the dates people are available to do this event! Don't worry, the details will be released soon, and so you all know this will be a just for fun non-cannon event!


Please join us for the fun, and vote for your choice of times! We look forward to seeing everyone there for a chance to win some awesome IC prizes!


(Please post below if you would prefer a specific time, otherwise the event will likely be held after 7PM EST. Tell any of the judges if you have questions.)

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