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Xenedra Ambreaus

There isnât really a rigid hierarchy. Contacting any member works just as well.


RP Style:

Heavy, though this isnât an all-the-time type linkshell.




We mostly use it as a place to access our mumble, though. The forums and such are in a sort of transition stage for now.


RP element:

Soliloquy is meant to be a shell to gather up Eorzea's finest entertainers, from singers, to actors, etc.



Our headquarters can be found in Limsa Lominsa on the outskirts of the wards district. It stands as a place for members of Soliloquy to practice their arts and sports a decent sized bar for audience members. For now we use the woodworkers ward in Limsa.



Invite only and done entirely IC in-game. Entertainers of all kinds are invited to perform at Soliloquy HQ and those that chose may request to be judged for entry into the shell. The judges are TOUGH, but the process may be repeated time and again after only a dayâs wait. Those who are accepted will get a pearl and a pin in the shape of Solilquy's crest (logo) to signify that they have received this great honor!



Donât be a dick. No whining. Have fun.


Additional info:

Soliloquy HQ isn't always open and will more likely only be opened for individual events, which may include "we're bored, let's open HQ tonight!" Anyone may hire out the building to host an event or hire the members of Soliloquy to entertain at an event elsewhere.

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