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Intermission Repearling April 6th!

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During the repearling the previous Intermission pearl will be broken, so if you find yourself without a pearl don't panic, come see me or anyone of the officers or sack holders. But for you that are going to be there for it, it is at 7 pm CST in the miners guild in Ul'dah(The Mineral Concern). I am posting the guidelines from before below this so you know who the officers are and the pearl holders, also so you can read over the rules once again. Also if you have any problems, do not goto Gospel Gestalt for them, come to me or Endemerrin Rosethorne and we will get it squared away. Also no alts will be invited at first, we want to see how many active members we have without alts.


This shell was made to help bring the RPC together for multiple purposes.

1: To attempt to act as a hub for all RPer's to come together under an OoC shell

2: To announce, discuss or look for RP with RPer's in the community.

3: To be a place to make friends.



but remember that membership in this pearl is a privilege, not a right. If you can't leave grudges, annoyances, or petty arguments at the door, then you're not welcome to come inside. Keep language appropriate, PG-13. An occasional "shit" or "damnit" isn't going to hurt anyone, but you don't need to string along screaming "FUCK" and cursing like a pirate. Keep it to yourself. If you have an outburst, apologize. If some one asks you to tone it down, you tone it down. You don't talk back to some one if they ask you to tone it down, you apologize for making them feel awkward and carry on with your business.


If some one is openly offending you, just take a screenshot. If they refuse to tone things down or talk back when you ask them to do so, take a screenshot. We'll be using a three strike system, and keeping track. If you're out of line and causing trouble on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis it will add up and you will be removed and banned from entering the pearl again.


It's unfortunate we have to be this strict, but if people cannot get along then these rules need to be in place to make this pearl a friendly environment for anyone and everyone.


The current Officers from here on.


1: Endricane Feltaro

2: Endemerrin Rosethorne






I will also allow Five members to have pearling rights however, these members will only be members that can issue pearls. If you have a problem that needs addressing, please notify an Officer ASAP.


Pearl Holders.


1: Oskar Helvig

2: Kassandra Dawn

3: Alothia Starkwood

4: Xenedra Ambreaus

5: Gustav Lapis


If you wish to apply for any of these just come talk to me in game, I'm usually on Endricane Feltaro.

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