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Sentinels' Ark (Inactive)

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Sentinels' Ark






Mtoto Wamoto, Myllor Aurelion


RP Style:




Link to Sentinels' Ark Website


RP element:

Privately Funded Reserve Guard/Free Mercenary Company


[spoil]Sentinels' Ark, also known more simply as the Ark, serves the realm as a privately funded reserve guard. We act to aid the standing armies of the Grand Companies by mobilizing to combat the forces which threaten Eorzea and her free people and nations. By providing defensive services, the Ark commits itself to protecting and serving the people of the remaining city-states and assists them in times of hardship; such as, but not limited to crisis control and times of war and attrition. As a reserve guard, Sentinels' Ark provides a myriad of jobs which range from production to gathering to defensive escort and tracking. In turn, the supplies produced and gathered by the Ark are used to stimulate the economy of the realm as well as provide provisions for both the Ark and the Grand Companies.


The Ark is a small free company which uses a linkshell system to allow audio communication between all enlisted members of the company. Each enlisted member of the Ark is issued an Ark link pearl upon entry.[/spoil]



[spoil]The administrative office of Sentinels' Ark is located on the Husting Strip of Ul'dah, just past the grand staircase leading to the second level of the Gold Court which can be found to the west of the intersection of Pearl and Onyx Lane. Above the door leading into the office lobby, a sign hangs upon outstretched metal arms with the words Sentinels' Ark casted in iron on the wooden frame.  Bolted to the stone wall to the left of the entrance is a wooden slat holding a stack of application forms, below which is a brass mail slit for the filled forms to enter.[/spoil]










The golden and sacred rule that shall not be broken: treat those within and without the linkshell with respect and in a manner which you yourself would wish to be treated. Do not harass, antagonize, threaten, or purposefully seek to humiliate another player. Members found to break this rule will be spoken to once and given a final warning.

Chat Conduct & Behavior:

The pearl given to each member is for in-character use only. While not prohibited, out-of-character chatter is to be kept at a minimum. Frequent and subsequent intrusive chatter conducted OOCly will not be tolerated and may lead to one's ejection from the linkshell if the issued warnings are not heeded.

Cursing and swearing are tolerated only to a certain extent. Constant vulgarity will be dealt with as well as any mentions of inappropriate and/or disrespectful topics of conversations.



Within Sentinals' Ark, there is a zero-tolerance policy for members who are caught in any deliberate acts of Godmoding. Should a member be found with substantial proof to be guilty of such acts, immediate termination and ejection will follow. In the case of accidental acts of godmoding, the mishap will be discussed in private between an officer and the offender in question to help prevent future offenses.



Metagaming is heavily frowned upon within the community of Sentinels' Ark. The knowledge, emotions, and details you accrue and the knowledge and feelings your characters gains are two separate bodies and should be treated as such. Just because you know something OOCly doesn't mean you know the same details ICly. Never use other player's characters, story plots, settings, etc. without proper permission from the original author. Members will be issued a warning on their first offense. If the behavior continues, ejection from the linkshell will follow.  


Erotic Role-Play:

The Ark has a strict "don't ask, don't tell" policy. While we will not go out of our way to dig up details about any strange fetishes you may have, we will handle any suspected activity brought to the attention of the officers. We do not condone nor participate in behavior or actions such as ERP. There should be no mention of or use of ERP within public channels such as linkshell chat and say. Keep it private. However, this does not mean that the linkshell is opposed to mature/adult themes which are appropriate within the game's setting and lore.


Lore Claiming & Bending:

While the lore within the game is often shaky and shrouded in mystery, there is an established lore set in place that we all follow. To this end, all members of Sentinels' Ark should understand that lore claiming (i.e. taking the lore established and setting oneself as the center focus/reasoning) and to a lesser extent, lore bending (i.e. changing details to fit your characters personal plot) will not be tolerated. Please stick to the lore established before us and respect the vision the authors and story tellers have provided.


Incident such as, but limited to, your character possessing characteristics, skills, or traits that are either impossible or unavailable to them, claiming ownership of story elements you did not create, using the main story line as a means to further your character, and cases where story elements such as ancient relics have a drastic effect that can contests against the established lore will not be tolerated and will lead to the immediate expulsion from the shell.


Please keep within the realm of possibility and try to stay grounded as much as you can to the set lore. When in doubt, ask it out!


Participation & Attendance:

Participation is crucial to the lifeblood of Sentinels' Ark. While none of the events created are listed as mandatory, members are expected to take part and/or contribute in some way to the linkshell, be it creating story plots or taking part in them. All members are expected to take part in at least one event every two weeks to maintain their standing within the linkshell and speak over the pearl at least once every week to avoid being removed from the roster. Excessive absences and lack of participation will lead to a private one on one talk to discuss the situation. Further lack of participation will lead to the ejection from the linkshell.


If you take leave without prior notice for an extended period of time, Officers of Sentinels' Ark reserve the right to eject you from the shell and establish an in-character reasoning as to why your character was removed. If the player wishes to return, they will need to speak with an Officer to discuss the circumstances.

Forum Use:

The website and the forums associated with it are there for a reason. It is a resource which is paid for by the linkshell leader and provided to the members of the linkshell to have a means to communicate, plan, and learn more of the happenings within the shell and community. Roughly 50% of the linkshellâs content will be found here; therefore all enlisted members are expected to be registered with the forums and checking back on it on a regular basis. It is strongly encouraged members keep up with discussion threads, story elements, and calendar events to keep up to speed with the linkshell movement.


Alternate Characters & Linkshells:

Sentinelsâ Ark has a one character policy, meaning that one player cannot have more than one character registered and enlisted. This is to avoid any character conflictions and player conflictions in the case of ejection or absences.


However, we strongly encourage members to be active in both the RP and the non-RP community and support members for having other shells for different purposes. We understand we may not be able to fill or sate all your needs or desires and therefore do not place a main linkshell or one linkshell policy.  



Additional info:

Although a new linkshell in the roleplaying community, Sentinels' Ark is not one without history. Many of the founding members come from previously established linkshells such as the Eorzean Guard and AETHER. Like its predecessor, the EG, Sentinels' Ark wishes to become a strong participant as well as a respected group in the role-playing community. We are a Heavy Roleplaying group focused on group RP and IC events. Our linkshell serves as a free company created by various sell swords and adventurers within the realm of Eorzea who wish to unite and protect their lands from both the growing beastmen tribes as well as the ominous force of the Garlean Empire while making gil and having fun at the same time. Both in and out of character, we seek to build friendships, unity, and camaraderie within the community.

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  • The application process through the website has been updated. There is now a simpler application form with a few brief OOC questions attached to the end. The new application form can be found: HERE
  • All users registering with the website will need to register their character in order to complete registration.
  • All members are required to register with the website to maintain their pearl. All members who are not registered by the end of the month will have their pearls revoked until the member speaks to an officer and registers with the site.

News & Upcoming Events

  • Official "Grand Opening" & Recruitment Event planned for Wednesday, April 18th @ 7pm - 9pm EST. Details of location to be made IC by way of flyer.

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