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Corvus Cinis Fliers

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Fliers are posted in the three main cities.


[spoil]Misplaced your favorite item?


Lost your favorite pet?


Fear not! At Coruvs Cinis, we find the lost and the missing! No Item is too big, small, mundane, or weird.


Contact Miss Alothia Starkwood, Miss Kassandra Dawn or Mister Zenge Eien at Corvus Cinis for help.


Corvus Cinis Headquarters is located in UlâDah past the gate at the end of Sapphire Avenue.[/spoil]


OOC Information:


As a group that finds lost things it would be awesome if members of the rp community could come up with things for us to find. It would also be great if people were willing to rp as the "NPCs" who have lost items. Please send me, Kassandra Dawn, or Alothia Starkwood a PM or tell in game if you want to participate!


<3 <3 Kass

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