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Irya Phossari

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I. RL Info (if you want)


RL Name: Tammi

RL Age: 18

Country: US

Timezone: Central

RL Gender: Female

Why do you like to RP? I've always enjoyed writing and general creativity/expression of such, alongside the inventing of both characters and worlds. I mainly enjoy writing up the psychology of characters, and seeing how they develop through RP.



II. Basic info


Characters: Irya Phossari

Current primary linkshell: Seditius



III. RP Preferences


[glow=black]RP style (Light, medium, or heavy)?[/glow]

Medium ~ Heavy. There is such a thing in too in-depth, or too in-character. I'd rather avoid that.


[glow=black]Are you willing to RP a fight scene in game? If so, preferred method of combat? (/randoming, skill based, etc)[/glow]

Yes. I much prefer writing it out, without gamestats impacting upon such, but... The usual issues of combat in this style(godmodding and whatnot) will likely make me immediately balk and have my rather common-sense-filled character(Or, at least my only one at the moment) just turn tail and run.


[glow=black]Are you willing to take major injuries in game? (ie limb loss, comas, etc.)[/glow]

Oh, certainly. I am rather brutal to my characters.


[glow=black]Under what circumstances, if any, would you allow your character to be killed off?[/glow]

Depends. If it is meaningful, and a good way to retire the character? Yes. But, I may feel perhaps a tad unhappy about dropping a freshly high-levelled character due to being killed, so I may be unwilling... 'sides, means more of the above.


[glow=black]Are you willing to RP romance in game? How far are you willing to go?[/glow]

Certainly, if it makes sense within the characterization. I am, however, unwilling to go explicit.


[glow=black]What kind of non-romantic RP relationships are you seeking? (family ties, etc)[/glow]

Anything works. However, force it and there may well some issues. I love to watch the ties develop, and thus I hate starting a character in any sort of relationship.


[glow=black]How far from the actual lore are you willing to stray?[/glow]

If you can "science" it, or make it work alongside the lore, I'll go with it a bit. However, too far and I might become rather unable to keep myself from being sarcastic over it. Or, you know, just leaving the RP.


[glow=black]Views on chat functions (IC vs OOC in /party, /linkshell, /say)?[/glow]

Specify, specify, specify, please. I can get confused easily, so I do need such specified. However, I generally see /party and /say as IC, while Linkshell will depend upon the group.


[glow=black]Will most of your RP be confined in a single linkshell or will you try to RP with as many as possible?[/glow]

As many as possible. I like variety. However, I am rather shy, but, well, I can come out of my shell with a bit of work.



Other roleplayers, certainly.


[glow=black]How do you prefer to be contacted? (PM or post in this thread)[/glow]

As the status of my in-game contact is rather unstable, please contact me via steam(boku_tan) or skype(oyashiro-tan). ... Don't ask about the names.

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