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Attack on the Mythril Pit! [Open]

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The overall synopsis can be gathered from people stationed in the Golden Bazaar as well as Camp Drybone and Halatali. The talk is most prevalent in the Mineral Concern and the Mythril Pit itself which has recovered from the attack...


On 12th Sun of 3rd Astral Moon, the Mythril Pit was assaulted by Amal'jaa forces headed to strike the hamlet of the Golden Bazaar. Hindered by a heavy sandstorm, the Amal'jaa wreaked havoc upon the facility in search of their target destination. The Stone Torches who were present at the scene were taken by surprise, not expecting the sudden ambush. Fighting for their lives, the men working there fought the beastmen with their only accessible weapons at the time, their mining tools. Making quick work of several of them, the Amal'jaa captured several miners and guards, binding them by chain and leading them off and away from the facility. Survivors who managed to escape fled to the nearby camp north of the mining pit. During the chaos that ensued, it was noted by several survivors that they witnessed a young Miqo'te, the daughter of one of the men present at the pit, to have crawled under the cabin and hid. The girl's current whereabouts are unknown...Some claim to have seen her in the Golden Bazaar and in Ul'dah in the company of a woman garbed in recognizable Dragoon armor.


The bodies of the victims where found in a line at the scene, their tools rested in their hands crossed over their chests. Gil and any other notable items were found missing. It appeared as if a thaumaturge had performed burial rights...


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