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I've recently decided to give FFXIV another shot since I've gotten a new computer that will actually run it without getting hotter than the surface of the sun. I played way back when the game first came out, but didn't make it much past the first free month, so this game will probably be all new to me again. I've been an avid Roleplayer for ages, in both MMOs, and text based games, so I might as well make the jump into it in FFXIV as well.


I used to play FFXI under the same name, on the Fairy server (Sylph after the merging awhile back), but I got bored of Abyssea pretty quick and finally hung up my hat on the game after playing it nearly religiously since the launch.


I've not really decided on how I will RP in FFXIV, beyond the fact I'm nearly positive I'll be staying as a Lalafell, and the same character I had in FFXI to a small extent. However in honesty, RPing won't be a right-away thing for me, since I really need to learn how to play the game again, I don't remember how to do things or level efficiently.


Either way, I think this will be a fun experience, and I'm looking forward to seeing the changes they've made so far, and the changes yet to come~ ^^

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