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[align=center]For Hire[/align]

The name's Rook, Rook Devileye. Sadly, there's not much to say about myself; I like long walks on the beach, easy women, and cheap ale. OH! And fighting around the world. You see fighting tells a lot about someone. Whether they are a coward or is one who laughs in the face of death.

Me? I'm the latter, ain't nothin' that strikes fear into my heart. I've faced almost every kind of nasties that this world can throw at you. I've raided Kolbold's mines solo and managed to walk out in one pieces still looking for more foes. I've wrestled giant crabs, I've even stood toe to toe with an Ogre and slain beasts that were made from your nightmares.


Nope, there ain't no fear in my heart. Maybe I'm not sane, maybe I have a death wish. I couldn't tell you, just this is the life of a merc. You see living as a mercenary, your life is always on the line. The things we do to make some coin, like sellin' ourselves like cheap women of the night. But that is what we do, our lives are not for the weak. Adventurers and Merc are one and the same, we do your dirty work. You see, every fight I'm in, I treat it as if it was my last because merc's are often on borrowed time anyway.


So what if I'm a little reckless as I disregard my own life, at least I'll get your job done. I'm not completely foolish, I know what my limits are but does not mean I'm not going to test them and push them every now and again. Cannot let these skills of mine get rusty. So... hey, if you need someone to get something done. Need someone to watch your back, fight alongside you, cause trouble, hurt somebody, or hell... save the world. Look no further, for I'm your warrior for hire. I may make a great number of boasts, but I can guarantee you that I can back most of it up, and if I can't. Well then its on the house or I'm dead and no refunds.


And besides... I'm a big nasty Roegadyn who carries a large ax, chances are it'll be enough to scare off any soul that's dumb enough to challenge. I'm a simple man. Give me adventure and a good fight, though if you really want to buy my services, could throw in some women and drinks but that can be negotiable. Name's Rook Devileye. I'll be around.

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Went to the miner's guild to visit a lonely cat [Alice Valkenhayn] though she quickly left and then Rook got his hat stolen by another Miqo'te [Michun Staggeringclaw] who vanished, forcing Rook to hunt her down)


Ul'dah. I swear is a city that never sleeps. People are always about seeking something; either trying to find aid in whatever crazy adventure they are planning or looking for some skilled craftsmen to make or repair something. Then you got people like me who are out and about sellin' themselves. Whores and mercenaries are not that different if you think about it, both sell their bodies for coin, though prostitutes don't generally go into battle nor do they typically hunt down beasts or people for profit. Reason I bring this up, is that Ul'dah both can be found with ease. 


So I'm walking about and the night's sky looms above. Its a nice night but I'm not here to gaze upon the stars, no my head is grounded on this night.I heard rumors of events transpiring around these parts and a large bounty to be had. I've been sticking my nose into things and learned some things; about mishap in the mines and terrorism. . . all that fun stuff. I have to say, you know how hard it is to find a single Miqo'te? They are everywhere! So many damn cats running about, so many strays its ridiculous. Naturally, I go to where the booze is at. Drunkards always have the best gossip. 


So I make my way through U'dah until I find the dancing girls and the booze. I'm not wearing my fancy clothes today, wearing my murder armor though I left behind the horned helm and in its place I got my lucky hat on top of my head. Left my gloves in the inn, won't be needing them since I didn't plan on fighting anyone. Good thing with being my race, you are already intimating enough. Anyway, I make my way to the bar and I take a moment just to relax and watch the girls warm up on stage. There is yet another Miqo'te sitting relatively close but she got one of those wizard hats on, I know they are not just for mages but its what I normally associate them with, and she has it pulled down pretty far blocking most of her face from my angle. As I about to order myself something to drink the small cat says hello to me and gives a little laugh as the show begins to start on the stage.



"At least this place is better than Astalicia." I chuckle as I turn to watch the stage.


"Where?" The cat asks me, must never visited that pirates den.


"Limsa Lominsa. Its a bar on a ship, full of pirates."


"Ahh right. Yeah. . ."


"Dirty pirates or half nude girls?"


"Half nude girls." The cat stands but a staggers a bit. "Ahh, well bed time. Night."


"Haha. Later." Must of been what I said.


I then begin to order some drink and pound them down as I try and get more information of the current affairs of Ul'dah, the whole mine mishap and the fighting in the temple. I get little information here and there, mostly rumors most third hand accounts that so and so's brother was there and seen it. With a bounty that high and the possible rewards to be had, I'd have to be a fool to pass it by. After getting all I could from the gossip and rumors to be had in there I decided to actually sit back and enjoy my time. It was the first time I've been stationary in awhile, I know I often bitch about being in one spot for too long but sometimes constantly being on the move gets tiresome. Decided to take a load off and enjoy my moment of relaxation. Yet, always something happening in my life.


As I rest against the railing and finish my I do not even remember what number glass it was. My hat gets knocked off my head. I stumble a bit attemtping to react to what happen.


"Now. . . that just ain't right." I bend down and pick up my hat and dust it off as I place it back on my head. I turn and see another cat leaning over the rails. Another ax wielding and heavy armored lunatic like myself. She notices I caught her being mischievous. Now, I could of react violently and backhand her to teach her some respect, but I choose to be civil and a gentleman.



"Heh." The cat laughs as she stand there with a mischievous grin on her face. "Nifty hat."



"I swear. . . this city has a stray problem." She gives me a frustrated look as she seemed pretty annoyed by the comment, so I pressed on forward. "Cats as far as the eye can see." I give her a laugh to know there no malice behind my words.



"I'm no stray! I happen to be most organized"


"We'e all strays, well if you're a merc or an adventurer." 


"Well. I take my fair share in the adventuresome lot."


"Organized huh? who you with? Malestrom? Flames? Or some other band of misfits"


"And yourself?" We both spoke at the same time, me trying to discover whom this cat was with and her inquiring the same.


"Me? I'm my own boss. Merc by trade. Though I bounce from location to location seeking a job. Tried to be an honest man. . . doesn't pay too well." I give a little sigh as I think back of all my attempts at going legit and failing, in my moment of self loathing she reached down and plucked my hat from my head and rests it on her own.



"Misfits? Aren't you a character." She laughs as she tries to balance the hat with her ears.



"Lady, I'm not a character. I'm THE character. The name's Rook. Pirate, warrior, drunkard, womanizer, bounty hunter, mercenary. . . the list goes on." I'm getting agitated by her action but also amused.


"Indeed!" She gives another giggle as she lets my hat rest on her head as she found a comfortable spot to place it.


"Everybody loves the hat but never the wearer. . ."


"Well Rook. I happen to be a witch."  


"A witch? What kind? Magical or just spiteful woman? Eh?" I couldn't help it. I had to crack a smile and laugh.


"Magical. See before you I stand a woman of the ax, when I am really a woman of the dark arts. I love walks in the sun, and frolics by the ponds."


"Really? I love long walks on the beach!" I laugh as I love to be an ass, especially towards those who are disciplined in magic.


"Maybe sometime I'll let you see what I really look like. Instead of this disguise."


"So what? You'll turn into some Voidsent beast? Devour my soul and all that fun stuff?" I was not buying it. Mages are all talk, they are weak and puny without their spells. "Or just set my pants on fire for giggles?"


"Most definitively not! That would be simply awful.  Firepants is nothing but a mess anyways!"


"I agree. That region is also very special to me. And the doc advice to keep fire away."

She snorted at me and began to start hop scotching around the banister area. I watched as my hat bounced off her head. She just went around hopping around. 

"Hop hop hop. One must not burn himself you know."


"Hey! It happen once! And they never let you forget it. . ." Yeah, I tried playing with fire and I got burn. Reason why I don't practice magic a whole lot.


"By the by, I am Michun. Michun Staggeringclaw."


"Well Michun. You're an odd one. I'll give you that. Luckily I'm into crazy."


"The one and only Michun!" She dances around.


"I'd hope there one of you, not sure the world could stand any more. Heh."


"I fight for Gridania and on the side I turn monsters into frogs. Cause I like frogs better than mean ol' monster." She continues to dance around the banister. "Michun. The frog maker."


"Right. . ." I was not believing any of this for a second. I was starting to think she was hit in the head too many times. She continues to hopscotch and begins heading to the door, with my hat.


"What a crazy dame. I swear. . . they always find me."  In my buzzed state, took my a moment to realize that she in fact left with my hat and then it hits me. "Damnit, I liked that hat!" I give a chase as I head through the entrance and nearly break the door down but all was left was just a whiff of smoke as the cat teleported away. I bellow out my frustration. I vowed I'd find this cat. I decided I'd go to the one of the places I hate so much. Gridania.


I decided I'd sober up and get my head together before I'd head over there and go look for someone who I was not sure would look like. If I did by into the whole disguise and witch stuff. My goal clue was someone wearing a tricorne like mine and interrogate them. I was not going to let someone steal from me and just get away from it. Though I decided to be more cool headed about it. After all you get more bees with honey than vinegar or however that saying goes. First play the nice guy and just write it off as too much ale and if that doesn't work. Kill the bitch.


When I finally risen out of my slumber, letting my emotions cool over during a good night's rest. Decided I'd head over to Gridania as soon as possible and begin my search. Too many places for one to hide, more so when its a cat. I think it was midday as the sun just high enough to shine down on everything. Teleporting to Gridania was instantaneous, still don't know how those thing work and doubt I'd ever will. Magic. Well I had my finest clothes on. Nice red coat but it was not the same without my hat resting on top of my skull. The red in my hair was illuminated by the sun's rays, luckily I only needed to shield one eye from those damn rays. It was either and hour or two before I decided to stop and just take a moment to relax as my anger was slowly rising. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a cat in black hopscotching in the grass and then stop to pluck flowers and sitting on the cat's head was a tricorne, my tricorne. I glared at her as the cat continued to pick flowers trying to make a little bouquet, pausing every moment to smell them.  


"YOU!" I shouted and pointed at the Miqo'te trying to get attention drawn to me. The cat in black turn and appeared shocked.




"Yes you. How did you obtain that hat?" I made my way towards the cat as I shot a serious expression on my face, I stopped and crossed me arms.


"I got it last night from a pirate-y man." She gives a little dance"Pirate Kitty!"


"So you weren't full of it when you said you weren't in your true form. Alight, you had your fun. Now return my hat." I tried to play nice, be the nice guy. 

"Eh? But I like it! MINE!" She takes the hat off and hugs it tightly to herself.


"I'm not dressed to skin a cat, but I will if I have to."


"That's mean!" She was shocked at my threat but continued to cling to my hat.


"You had your fun and you forced me to come to this awful forest."


"I did not! You came all by yourself!"


"You know how hard it is to track down someone with no description of what they look like?"


"Well, well!" She sticks her tongue at me and begins to run.


"Damn strays. . ."  I give chase as I pull out my ax, wanting to show her how serious I am. I chase her for a good few mins, people stopping to gawk and stare.


"EEK! Stay back!" She hollers as I finally cornered her.


"I'll give you this once chance."



She backs up into the vines on the wall, trying to hide behind them and climb them but to no avail.



"Return my hat and we won't have any problems. . . I'll even play nice and give you one free contract."  Trying to be the better man, I even offered to give her my services free of charge.


"I want the hat!"


"Buy your own!"


She holds the hat tighter.


"I'm going to count to three and if you don't give me my hat back, I'm going to swing really, really hard. ONE."



She attempts a cute face, but I'm not buying it.


"TWO. Now cut that out!"

She tries again but begins to the waterworks starting to make me feel like a true monster.


"Cute faces won't save you! AGH!"

She keeps it up, making it look more sadder and cuter by the moment. Damn she's good at this. Damn Miqo'te.


"Fine. . . What will it take to get my hat back?"


"Not hurting me is a start!" She stops with the cute face and lets go of the vines.


"If you hand me back my hat, I promise I won't lay a finger on you." Well that wasn't the truth, but I wouldn't leave any marks. 

"I want a cookie!" She spout out. Her eyes get all starry-eyes. "Cookie!"


"Cookie?" I couldn't believe it. Am I really having this conversation? She nods excitedly, like its free booze night at the local pub.


"Yes yes!"


"I don't have any damn cookies!"


"No cookie?" She begins the water works again.


"I do not have any damn sweets. I'm a WARRIOR damnit!"



"MEANIE!" She throws my hat at me and stomps in frustration.


"I don't carry sweets. . ." I tried to make myself sound less menacing but her tossing my hat cut me off.  I caught it but as I did she vanished again. I looked at my hat and it has nibble makers and some drool. I'll need to clean it when I get a chance. I give a sigh of relief and return my ax its resting place and then return my hat to its proper place. "I swear. . . I always find the crazies."


You might think that I'm odd doing all this for a silly hat. Well I had two reason; one, no one steals from me. And two, this hat means a lot to me. Lets just say it reminds me of a better time and it was a gift from someone who ain't around any more. Sentimental value as well as fashion. Now that this was settle, I can get back to tracking down that bounty.

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[align=center]END OF AN ERA[/align]

The sun began to sink beneath the horizon turning both the sky and the tides the same glowing orange, Rook stood against the railings as his ship rode the choppy waves which began to turn on him. He could feel it in his bones, they were going to get more unruly as time went on. He had sailed from Limsa after putting all of his affairs in order; only taking what he would need to survive. What brought Rook far out into the sea was one more battle, perhaps his last battle, he was uncertain. He thought about his life and the events that had brought him to this point; his rise within the Maelstrom, the descent of Dalamud, and then gaining his chance at both vengeance and clear his name with the Black Crows. The Crows had not been showing much interest in Rook during most of his time walking Eorzea as a mercenary but knowing at any given time pirates were gunning for him had made him weary, though never enough to truly break his spirits. Though now he was given a chance to clear his name and even his debt, his betrayal and mutiny against the Crows could be washed away, if he did one last job. Though how this came to be, was fairly sudden; perhaps too sudden but Rook knew he was never the one to miss out on an opportunity when it showed itself, no matter how good it seemed. He remembered how it all started.


Sitting alone at the Drowned Wench after the incident within the League's base of operation involving cultist that had been a thorn in the League's side. Rook was alone drinking something potent that even the aroma of the stench could topple over any lightweight. He was enjoying his moment of peace and silence, the festival took over the pirate's den and the rest of the city-states but he did not care much of fun times, he just wanted to savor a moment of solitude. He noticed a well dressed Roegadyn walk up to him and stop to pull the seat back and join him at his table, Rook stared intensely at him as he never recalled allowing this stranger to join him.


"You're a hard man to find Rook Silverfang," the strange spoke with rough voice, much rougher than Rook's. "Though... always figured you'd turn up here in Limsa."


"Comes with the occupation, a merc can't afford to be stationary, now what can I do you for? Need something killed? Someone owe you money... I hope it ain't me, cause that's a lovely suit ya' got, I'd hate to ruin it with my big ol' axe." Rook spoke with a grin as he raised his drink to his lips taking a large swig from it.

"Something along those lines. I have a proposition for you, as you know... the Black Crows aren't a fan of your's, you've made enemies in every dark alley from her to the Shroud and beyond. What if... I could say that there is a way where the slate can be clean. The past be the past, old troubles forgotten. You know betrayal and mutiny all cast aside. I know you are capable man, though with not only one pirate crew seeking your hide but most of them, perhaps that too can be wiped clean." The sharp dressed Roe smiled as he grab the bottle next to Rook's glass and refilled it for him. Rook took a hard look at the man with his one good eye and noticed something familiar about him.

"And how are you going to manage that? Huh?"


"Let's just say you, the Crows, and some of the other bands have a mutual enemy. Someone who has taken something important from you, a red giant of the sea."


Rook's drink slipped from his hand and fell to the table top splashing around while he froze in his place and froze took in what he had heard. Now it was rare for a Hellsguard Roegadyn to take to the sea, but Rook only knew of one that was just as much of an harden seasalt as him, though everyone called him the Red for he had no true name for himself much like Rook. He had sailed with Red numerous times and the red bastard was the one to punish Rook for his own betrayal to the Crows. Taking the life of his wife and daughter as Rook was bound and to force to watch. Rook wanted a happy life and one free from fighting and pirates, he decided to turn on the Crows to Limsa and then move to Ul'dah away from pirate. Yet it was not to be. Rook had chosen not to seek revenge, for he knew killing him would not bring back his family nor would it truly make him happy. Yes, he would feel good for the moment, but in the long run he would not find peace in vengeance, so he tried to leave his past behind him. He took up his axe and traveled east, becoming a full time mercenary. The drinking and fighting had allowed him to forget, to forget the pain, but seems the past always returns to haunt him.


"So one last job. You kill the bastard and you can walk away. Your troubles with us, over." The Roegadyn spoke calmly as he finished off the small amount that was left in the glass he had early poured into Rook's mug. Rook sat there and contemplated on what he should do. 


"I'm in." Rook stood up and tossed a handful of coins on the table to pay for his drink as he stared at the well dressed man. The other Roegadyn grinned as he pushed his chair back and rose to his feet. The two walked out of the Drown Wench both walking out the door and rested against the railings on the walkway.

"The bastard has started his own little band, but he's been pissing off all of the wrong people. It was I, who decided to throw you this bone and allow you to walk away. And don't think too much about it, I'm a nobody other than being a man with deep pockets. You probably do not remember, but you've saved my life before. Let us say, I wish to repay you."


"Forgive me, if I do not buy your story, but if you want me to get my hands dirty just say so. I don't care what your reason is, a job is a job and if this one can erase my troubles then I got no choice in the matter. So, any leads on the bastard?"


"He has been laying low, but word is a ship is sailing in from the north will not only stop here but towards the Ferry Docks in Western Thanalan to pick up goods from Ul'dah. It will then return here to get some supplies for its voyage back north, we are certain he will attack it, for any of us would as well. You will be informed when your moment has arrived. As for now we must part." The sharp dressed Roe then walked off as the fireworks began to erupt in the night's sky. Rook thought for a moment that it all sound too good, but what the hell why not take the chance.

His thought turn towards the Maelstrom. He had risen through the ranks much like any other adventurer, pirate, or sellsword. Part of him was proud of his accomplishments, he was finally getting the recognition he deserved. Though hero was something that bugged him, for some reason it just did not sit well. He slowly began to see himself as another faceless link within the chain of the company, which prompted him into a drunken rant, causing an almost near riot within the Wench. He cursed the Admiral, cursed the company, cursed the city-state, cursed them all, cursed Eorzea, and then cursed the Twelve. He would later sit in the brig and be temporarily stripped of his rank. There in his isolation his mind turned back to his painful past. The family he had lost, the numerous times he tried to be an honest man, to the life he cherished and dreamed of, then to what he had become. A drunken has been mercenary, he had gone soft, he was weak. His time spent there was the worst hell that anyone could imagine, alone with his thoughts. He had tried to run from his past, to forget about the pain, but being alone the memories just continued to flood his mind. He thought maybe vengeance would make everything go away, to finally be at peace but he knew that it would not. Killing the bastard who took everything away, would not bring them back. They would still be gone. Though perhaps closure was the next best thing. Knowing that he did something instead of trying to hide and run from everything. This was his main driving factor in accepting the well dressed Roe's proposition, even if it unfolded into being a trap for him, he didn't give a damn. He would stop running, he would fight.


The waves began to grow violent as they continued to crash into the sides, splashing water onto the deck. The winds began to blow hard as the heavy rain began to fall. A storm was coming and Rook welcomed it. The waiting was the worst part, he had to wait till this ship to make it's delivery and pick up and then wait for it to shove off into the sea where it sailed northward. It had been a long time since Rook was out in open water, part of him was frighten but another part was thrilled. He remembered the last few times he was out at sea a giant beast had nearly sunk his ship, he wonder if Llymlaen was going to throw some surprise his way for all of his  curses and damning he had spout out at her and the gods. Rook headed below deck as the weather turned more violent, he questioned if the pirates would really attack given the suddenness of the change in the weather. Despite walking away from the Maelstrom, Rook continued to wear their colors. Wearing their issued gloves, hose, boots, and overcoat, all that was missing was their small hat; of course his silver tricorn rested upon his head. Finding a place for himself, he sank down to the floor and rested against a corner, drawing down his hat to get a few moments of shut eye. He knew if they would attack, he would be awaken by the ruckus.


Dreams of Dalamud crashing down to the ground, flinging broken off parts as they collided into whatever structure that were in their path. Destruction to all the land and then he was back on the ship. He heard screaming and shouting, he knew the time had come. Rising up from his seated position, he freed his axe and made his way above deck where he saw another ship sailing beside. He made his way to the center of the deck, he smirked as he swung the axe over his shoulder allowing it to rest behind his head as he allowed the pirates to swing across and board the ship. He peered to his left and then to his right, he noticed a few of the hired hands readying their weapons; muskets, swords, fists, axes, whatever they could get their hands on. He noticed the first pirate to swing across but a loud blast from a musket sent him down into the darker water, down into the abyss. Rook gave a booming laugh as he swung his axe around readying for more to make the jump to their ship. In no time two more pirates swung across but they fired their own guns at the hired hands, Rook charged forward and swung his massive axe down on top of new arrival, sending him to the floor a bloody mess. He beckoned the other to come at him, though he remained at range firing his musket at Rook. The bullets ripped through his coat or bounced off the edge of his axe, he charged forward and swung again, cleaving the gun arm of the pirate which fired off one more shot as it fell.


More arrived as Rook noticed those who decided to stand and fight retreat below, shouting at them calling them cowards, Rook continued to fight. Soon he found himself easily outnumbered and surrounded, he merely bared his teeth and swung wildly at them, like a wild beast. The ship violently rocked back and forth making standing still nearly impossible, this forced Rook to move continuously between his targets as he could not dig his feet into the ground and hold the line as it were. Blades swiped at him, as pirates lunged and strike at him at all side, some he could parry and dodge others he took the hit, he didn't care for flesh wounds as they would heal, he aimed to maim his foes to take them out of the fighter once and for all; yet it was the bullets and arrows that he was concerned with. He moved away from the mob that circled him and charged towards those who tried to take easy shots at him. An arrow pierced into his arm, snapping the wood he pushed forward knocking the archer into the water. He turned only to be greeted by a large axe, he raised his own but the force knocked him to the ground, he rolled to his side and pushed himself up with his good arm as his weakened one could barely hold on to the axe he carried. Rook bellowed out a warcry as he shouted for his target to show himself. As he parried another blow but sunk down to dodge the gun fire, he noticed a towering figure stand on the railing of the other ship. Rook reached for one of his throwing axes which he stored underneath the flap of his coat, he hurled the axe with his bad arm it missed completely but he got his point across, the large Hellsguard laughed as he took his time to get across.


"I've come for you, you bastard!" Rook shouted at the top of his lungs, his mouth was bloody from the skirmishes between himself and the pirates. "Face me like a man, and we can settle this Red! Don't hide behind these scrags!"


"Rook... Rook. Been a long time." The red Roegadyn wore your typically garb of a pirate, something light to allow mobility. His face was clean shaven, free of any scars or markings, his hair cut short to allow nothing to obscure his view. He gave a slight bow as a large grin overtook his face.


"Spare me any speeches will you, lets just fight." Rook interrupted him as he spat out blood towards Red.


Rook charged with his axe raised high above his head but the Hellsguard freed two muskets from his side and open fired. The bullets smashed through Rook's legs, dropping him to the ground. Surprised and doubled over in pain, Rook reached for his axe but it had slide far from his grasp.


"Fool..." Rook thought to himself as he tried to force himself to rise again, but his strength was lacking. "Charging in like a madman... idiot."


Red began to walk closer to Rook as he gloated, Rook rolled to his side away from him as he fished out another throwing axe, he rolled over to his other side and chucked it at the advancing Roegadyn, the axe nailed him in the shoulder forcing him to stumble back. Rook pushed himself up onto his feet and charged again, as he did he bent down and picked up his axe and rammed himself into Red, sending them both to the deck. Rook climbed on top of Red and began to savagely smash his fist into the face of his enemy, allowing all of his rage to find its outlet. Red managed to kick Rook off him, sending him onto his back on the deck. Reach out for his axe, he used it to prompt himself up though as he did Red charged into him, slamming him back down. Now it was Rook's face to be smashed and beaten, Rook merely laughed as his face endured the beating. As Red went to deliver anther blow, Rook raised his head and took a bite into the check of his foe. The red giant tumbled over. The ship continued to rock back and forth, though it suddenly began to shake violently as if it had collided into something. Knocking everyone to the deck, Rook forced himself back up using his axe again to prompt himself back to a vertical base. He motioned for Red to get up, though something out of the corner of his eye drew his attention, something massive crashed down onto the ship, cracking it with ease and allowing water to seep into it. Rook was frozen in his step as the ship violently shook. He heard shouts, calling out monster. Many of the pirate began to flee but he made sure that his target would not. As he rose his axe high into the air again wanting it to crash down onto his enemy, he noticed that Red had picked up one of his muskets and fired, the bullet tore through his left arm, forcing him to lower his axe. He had no more strength and with one arm he could not use his axe, taking a few steps he wobbled and teetered. Red slowly crawled back and pushed himself. Rook, knowing that his axe was no longer good for him, struggled to latch his axe back to its holster on his back but managed to as the red Roegadyn was back to his feet. Red pulled the trigger but all he could hear were clicks, Rook pushed forward with his hands wrapped around his enemy's throat, the ship rocked again as the two crashed once more to the deck. Rook tightened his grasp.


"This may not bring them back, but I shall avenge them!" Rook shouted as he continued to tighten his grasp. Though as he slowly watch the light in his adversary's eyes the sea beast smashed again into the ship, separating the two. Rook shouted and hollered but there was nothing he could do. He had no energy, he was losing blood, and as he attempted to rise again he simply could not. The ship began to take in water and there were no signs of any other bodies as they either remained below, trap mostly like, or abandon ship like the pirates. Rook's vision began to blur as his body shook, he wondered was this his end? Was it Llymlaen that was to finally get the best of Rook and end his miserable life? Rook laughed as he once again tried to force himself to stand but another jolt shook the ship as the beast continued its attack. Water began to rush over the deck, he saw Red's body drift away. He was unsure if he was dead or if his strength was taped like himself, he didn't care. The water crashed into him as he sank back to the deck allowing the water to engulf him.


"Damn it all..." Rook spat out some more blood as he lowered his hat allowing the water to consume him.




There has been fleeting reports of a terrible sea beast attacking sailing vessels between Limsa Lominsa and the northern sea. One merchant ship said they saw what was left of a great wreckage, there was one report of a Sea Wolf laying on driftwood lost at sea. Though the reports were uncertain if the Roegadyn was alive or not, given the hard lives they live it is quite possible for one to survive almost any disaster.

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I'll spare ya' the detail of my beginnings because it does not matter where one comes from but where they end up. But yes, I'm an immigrant and shouldn't come to any surprise why I arrived into Eorzea because it had quickly become a hotspot for mercenaries, bandits, thieves, pirates, and whatever have you. The Age of Adventurers had dawn and being a man who is always on the look out for work made his way to this grand land. Now I did say I'd spare you the details but in my youth I sailed the seas and traveled to a great deal of places but when the call for adventurers came, I eventually came knocking. Now I've always hated the term "adventurer" I prefer mercenary or sellsword or generally anything else. Adventurer always seems so childish, to me it conjure the idea of lads and lasses who play fight and run errands for little old ladies. I know that is not the true case because most of those lads and lasses are damn fine fighters in their own right, its the name...


Moving on. Being a man of the sea it was only natural for me to settle to Limsa Lominsa, as a Sea Wolf  the sea is home and my mistress, though she be cruel I could never truly abandon her especially not for sand and dirt. I got salt water in me veins. Granted Ul'dah is the center of almost everything and I do spend a great deal there, she'll never be my true home. The sea, the waves... that'll always be home for the likes of me. My early years in Limsa I lived on a ship, a little community that was a hodgepodge of immigrants and foreigners. I worked the trade of a docks hand and a hired thug, not particularly proud of it but it put food on my table and allowed my name to be passed around. Aye, yes... the name. As one can tell, I do not share the same costumes or culture as my kin, namely because I do not care about heritage, culture, costumes, nor my people. Why should I care about any other Roegadyns? No, I only care about this Roegadyn, me. Now that I've lost myself, where was I?


Aye, yes Limsa Lominsa! She was good to me and still is. I worked my way up and even earned a respectable rank among their little club the Malestrom, which I am in fact honored by. Its good to have my hard work recognized and given proper respect. Life as a sellsword or adventurer is often one without recognition and respect, you're nothing more than an errand boy sent fetching items for lazy and weak employers. I can go out and slay the biggest and nastiest beast in the land and all I'll get is a simple pat on the back and good job as you would a pet. Now with the Grand Companies, you get a might fine paycheck and if you're lucky the boss will greet you in person. Now its not always like that being a hero, some errand boys who defend a Hamlet or crush some bothersome beast get a great deal of praise and fame, but the average guys, like me, don't get shit. Because .. its expected of us. We're suppose to be the grand heroes and just the satisfactions of saving the day should be rewarding enough. Which is why I often charge for my heroic deeds. I learned early on, if you're good at something never do it for free. Fighting and killing is something I am good, no great at. Maybe I'm the only one dumb enough to venture into some lair of some Voidsent Beast or want to go knocking on the Beastmen's front door looking for a fight. Maybe its me. I'm a professional warrior, its my job, my calling. Hell, its the only thing I remember knowing how to do.


Why am I rambling? Because I'm bored or maybe I want someone to know my reasons and that I'm not just some mad dog. Face it Rook... maybe you're just a mad dog after all, some antagonistic ass who loves to fight and causing trouble. I'm not a bad guy, maybe I'm not the nicest guy in town... but I'm not a bad guy. I'm not going around killing people and bragging about it, no I've never killed anyone that didn't deserve it. And besides I mostly fight Beastmen, pirates, thieves, and other undesirables like me. Though maybe I'm changing, maybe the encounters I've had in recent days have spun me a hundred and eighty degrees turning me into something better... or maybe I've really lost it and don't know what I am doing anymore, just trying to keep on keepin' on. Grand Companies did however give me a purpose in life and reward for throwing myself into whatever comes next, come hell or high water, i always return. Always looking for the next big adventure, next big battle, next opportunity to shine.



Would I do things differently if given the chance, probably. But then again, probably not. I don't like the tread on the past, nothing good comes from dwelling on it. Can't change it and it only blinds you from the path you are going. And looking too far ahead, you lose sight of what's in front of you. Me? I'm a guy who lives for the moment, let the dice fall where they may. Whatever outcome, I'll accept it. Well guess that's enough rambling. The throat is dry and the stomach is rumbling. Until next time.




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