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Join our up-and-coming RP. :) Details below. Before 2.0, the shell exists in largely social/planning form.




Basic Info

Website: Mythopoeia

We are hosted (and share our members with) the all-FF wiki Chrysalis. Plenty of advantages in this. :) Link is to the main Mythopoeia page, you might have to click forward to find the FF14 section, as our RP exists for other FFs as well.

Server: currently Hyperion. Come 2.0 we will be moving to an RP server, name TBA.

Members can influence which server this will be if there are choices. You're not required to currently be on the same server as us to join as long as you communicate well outside of game, and are willing to join whichever server we'll be on later.

RP Type: Light, possibly medium if later members are up for it.

The backbone of our RP are member blogs and RP threads/archives at the forums. This may change if a greater part of LS-chatter becomes RP.

Leaders: Sharcos Dea, Moonshade Butterfly

Recruitment: open

RP Element: Companions. We are a band of loosely (and not so loosely) connected adventurers, nothing more, nothing less. We fight and we love and we live, but during it all we are connected to other people.

Info Thread: here



We are a new (although long in planning) shell and as such don't have any history to speak of. ;)


Our theme of Companions is our overarching story. To put it simply, we live within the world of Hydaelyn, and that is our story.

IC-ly, members join as they befriend/help/encounter/otherwise interact with a previous member.

Any quests and such in the game are understood as happening around the time they are updated to the game. Any member can participate in them with linkshell approval.

In-LS longer story arcs happen as members want/need/feel up for it. Inter-LS arcs remain a possibility.



Timezone: current members include EU and US timezones.

Most active time ranges from 11 PM to 7 AM @GMT+0.

Shell Restrictions: We would like it if you liked us enough to stay on most of the time!

But it is not a requirement. You can be as casual a member as you wish, as long as you're upfront about it. No restrictions on other shells of any kind.

Roster Info: we number 3 active and 2 less active members right now. Join us and enable us to make good averages of our races and genders. :P Gender divide is about equal right now.

OOC Sideshell: OOC happens within the shell as well as at our forums.

Endgame: on an as-needed basis.

Rules Summary: Be respectful and be literate. See also here.

Application Process: See this thread at our forums. Alternately, have ready the basic info of your character as well as a brief description of their past and personality, and contact an officer in the game.

Membership benefits: One (1) blog per main character should you want it, as well as one (1) blog for other characters and other such IC musings.

One (1) individual character bio page per character as well as common listings for any minor character you have need to add (such as character's family, etc).

Membership at an FF wiki and all the benefits of such. Including having all the lore and info available at the same site as the RP details. Mythopoeia also exists in FF11, and may be instated for other FF worlds if there is enough interest.



Member blogs will go live come 2.0. Character bios can be found at our site.

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