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A Reintroduction!

Nerashi Qalli

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Greetings, FFXIV RPers!


I originally joined this website many months ago as a Mi'qote named Raiya, but I return today as Kumokiri Ishiku, a Raen Au'Ra on the Balmung server. I am maining Bard on her now, but have also picked up Astrologian.


As of now, I imagine that she will turn out to be a wandering adventurer, always on the search for any work she can do. Between mercenary jobs and the like, I imagine one might find her playing a bit of music on the streets of Ul'dah, or learning to tell fortunes. That seems like her thing.


Anyway, it took me a while to get into the game, but I finally think I'm here to stay with a character I feel attached to. Feel free to add me or give me a poke in game. I'd love to RP (or even just enjoy the other aspects of the game) with all of you!

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