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Reshie's Gallery of Art (Commissions Open)


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So I'm trying my hand at this whole digital art thing. My fiancee purchased a tablet for me earlier in the year and I've been working to advance above a five year old artist. I feel comfortable enough to show off some of what I've done and advertise a few spots for anyone who would like a piece. 


Samples are listed below:






Willing to do:


I'd like to keep it to portraits and waist up shots for now as I'm still getting used to drawing on the tablet but I might consider doing a full shot if time and price allows. 


I am a full time student, juggling a household and possibly a move coming up so I'd like to keep my commissions to two at a time for now.


No payment will be required until we've discussed everything. Feel free to PM me and once we've come to an agreement, I can give you my PayPal information. 


I want you guys happy with whatever I do so expect to get at least one update from me, possibly more depending on the scale of your commission. Commissions should take no more than a week but allow a little bit of room here or there for responses and day to day 'oh no's. 





$15 for a basic sketch (either rough or cleaned up)

+ $5 for flat color

+ $5 for background

+ $5 for highlighting and shading

+ $5 for a pet

+$10 for an extra person


Please note all prices are mix and match!


Example: If you like my backgrounds and just want one of those done, I'm happy to do that for you = $5. If you'd like a picture of your adorable little pet on a couch in flat color = $15


Some of what I'm used to doing just for fun.



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