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Pronouncing K tribe names


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Hi everyone. 


Just a quick question. I've known a good while they the K for the Seeker tribe is pronounced 'Koo'. But I had always assumed that was just the tribe name and when actually saying names, such as K'hylia, it would be a regular sounding K such as 'Kai-lia'. 


Is that wrong? I think it probably is, which is a little sad because I don't like how the name sounds the proper way. How are the K tribe names supposed to be pronounced?

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basically the K tribe names would be pronounced with the proper Koo, anything else would not be the tribe at all. 


So like, since it's a short Koo, a name like K'yaki would be KooYAkee, something like that. The tribal pronunciation can be dropped between friends, where that miqo'te's name would just be Yakee. Just the same as how X'vett would be She-vett, not ex-vett :)


I hope that helped

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